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Honorary degree citation - Jean Drapeau*

By: Robert C. Rae, May 1967

Monsieur le Chancelier:

Il m'est très agréable de vous présenter Son Honneur, le Maire de Montréal, M. Jean Drapeau.

As we consider the remarkable list of achievements in the development of our city we are inclined to think that M. Drapeau has always been Mayor of our great city. Certainly his accomplishments would seem more than sufficient for a lifetime of effort but we find that the Mayor, as is his custom, is looking forward to new benefits for Montreal and refusing to rest on his laurels. We survey the wonders of Place Ville-Marie, Place-des-Arts and many other developments which physically remind us of his activity on our behalf. It was most kind of his Worship to have the remarkable Metro open to the public on the same day as we held our first Open House in our fine new Henry F. Hall Building. Montrealers swarmed to the Métro and to Sir George on that great day last October and we hope this close relationship between city and university will be maintained in all the years ahead.

On Thursday, May 18, another honour was accorded to our Mayor when he was granted the Outstanding Citizenship Award by the Montreal Citizenship Council. He is an inspiration to all of us to practice good citizenship and his example is one which members of the graduating class, and all of us here assembled, should emulate.

Mr. Chancellor, this University wishes to pay tribute to our Mayor's exceptional qualities, his creative imagination, his remarkable initiative, his untiring energy and determination and his amazing drive and splendid motivation. M. Drapeau's accomplishments are numerous, varied and most impressive, as I have inadequately indicated. He has been able to transform Canada's great Metropolis in only a few years. Montreal, under his able guidance and leadership, has become a most dynamic, and a most exciting, city to live in and to visit. It has now taken its rightful place among the international centers of the world.

M. le Chancelier, l'Université desire rendre hommage à l'homme dont l'initiative et le dévouement ont très largement contribué à attirer l'attention du monde entier sur Montréal et sur l'Expo 67, en cette année du Centenaire de notre pays. Nous remercions M. Drapeau au nom de tous les Montréalais pour les valeureux services rendus a notre communauté.

It is therefore with deep satisfaction and pride, Mr. Chancellor, that by the authority of the University Council and the Board of Governors, I present to you His Honour, Mayor Jean Drapeau, that you may confer on him the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

* deceased

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