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Honorary degree citation - Wilfred N. Hall*

By: Samuel Madras, October 1966

Mr. Chancellor:

In presenting to you Mr. Wilfred N. Hall for an honorary degree, I would like to point out his attainments, his qualities of leadership, his public and academic spirit and particularly his devoted and loyal services to Sir George Williams University.

Mr. Hall has a long record of successful activity in Canadian Industry as engineer and administrator. Recently the Chemical Institute of Canada awarded to him one of its most coveted prizes, the Montreal Medal for his contribution to the promotion of chemical industry in Canada.

We honour him tonight particularly for his hard work on behalf of our University. When this magnificent building was only a recommendation by the Planning Committee of the Board of Governors, Mr. Hall undertook to marshall the resources of the friends and supporters of the University to help the dream come to realization. He did this at:great personal sacrifice, remaining all the while at the helm of one of Canada's great industrial corporations, directing a number of others while maintaining his activities in the Engineering Institute of Canada and in the Pulp and Paper Association.

Mr. Chancellor, it is with pleasure that I present Mr. Hall to you that you may confer on him the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

* deceased

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