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Honorary degree citation - Henry Foss Hall*

By: Douglass Burns Clarke, October 1966

Mr. Chancellor:

I present to you Henry Foss Hall, B.A., L.R.E., LL.D., D.D., Principal Emeritus of this University and its guiding spirit over the past forty years.

As Student Counsellor (indeed, I believe, the first full time student counsellor of any college or university in Canada), as Headmaster of the Evening High School, for many years, as Dean of the College, as Principal of the University, and throughout as Professor of Natural Science, Dr. Hall has left the imprint of his dedication to men and women, of his vast wisdom, and of his character on every aspect of this University and its associated schools. In its formation, through years of depression, war, and ultimate development its growth was guided by his spirit. Inasmuch as Sir George Williams University is today a place whose chief concern is "The development of persons, through the medium of formal education and its correlated activities", it is because, in its formative years, its moving guide and mentor was Henry Foss Hall, who, all his life, has humbly loved and served his fellow men, within the University, and without.

Indeed, sir, it is fitting that we should honour him tonight by dedicating this building in his name, and in conferring upon him an honorary degree from this University that he has served so well. But I suggest to you, sir, that whatever we may here do tonight, the living testimonial to Dr. Hall is, and will be as long as they live, in the lives of so many thousands who have found guidance, strength, and understanding from him. I feel, sir, that it is on the behalf of these many thousands that I present to you our beloved Principal Emeritus, Henry Foss Hall, that you may confer upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

* deceased

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