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In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety is a shared responsibility. Learn about what Concordia is doing to keep you safe on campus.

Last updated: April 4, 2023, 10:32 a.m.

If you've had a fever in the preceding 24 hours, do not attend your exam. Instead, let your  professor, research lead or department administrator know about your absence.

If you feel well enough, you may attend your exam provided:

  • you have not had a fever in the 24 hours before, and
  • you have not been taking medication to bring down your fever, and
  • you wear a procedure mask on campus, and
  • you restrict yourself to attending your exam only, i.e. plan to go home after your exam, rather than attending other events.

Please refer to our information about exam requests  and academic accommodations to see your options and which situation applies to you. If you have any concerns about missing assignments or course work, please contact your instructor. In general:

  • If an unexpected, temporary situation arises requiring you to miss class, we recommend that you submit the short-term absence form, which allows for up to 5 days of absence without the need to show medical documents. (Please read all eligibility requirements carefully as you may not be able to use the short-term absence form for certain situations. Also note that there is a limited number of times that you can use this form in a given academic year).
  • If you currently have COVID-19 and are unable write your final exam, we recommend that you apply for an exam deferral (DEF).
  • If you have a longer-term medical illness, have missed a significant portion of the term and are unable write the final exam, we recommend that you apply for a medical (MED) notation or speak to your academic advisor about requesting a late withdrawal. Please note that you will need to provide copies of medical documents.

You are not obligated to show proof of a positive COVID-19 test to your instructor. However, if you apply for an exam medical notation, you will need to provide copies of medical documents.

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