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MED notations

What to do if a long-term medical situation interferes with your final exams

If you missed a final examination due to a long-term illness, you may apply to replace you grade with a MED notation. This page explains when you may apply for a MED notation, how to do it, and when you will write your replacement final exam.

Be sure to review all the university regulations concerning “MED” notations in the undergraduate calendar.

What does an MED notation mean?

A MED notation on your transcript indicates that you unable to write a final examination and/or complete other assignments due to a long-term medical situation. After you write the final exam your final grade in the course will replace the MED notation on your transcript.

A long-term medical situation is an illness or condition that has been ongoing throughout the term and has severely interfered with your ability to complete course assignments or write the final exam.

You cannot apply for a MED notation if you experience a short-term illness just before the start of exams or the exam period, but you may apply for to defer your exam. Learn more about DEF notations.

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