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Writing a supplemental exam

What happens after you request a supplemental exam

Be sure to review all the university regulations concerning supplemental examinations in the undergraduate calendar.

Was your request approved?

We usually send notification about two weeks after the deadline.

You will receive an email informing you of the decision to your SUPP request. Please ensure that your email address on your Concordia Student Service Center is up to date. If your request is approved, information about which exam period you will write your supplemental exam will be included in the email.

Please follow up if you don’t hear from us within a month of submitting your request. Call us at 848-2424, ext. 2608, 2609 or 2676.

If your request is refused because you do not satisfy the criteria, we will credit your student account in the amount of the fee paid. You will not get your money back if your request is approved but you decide not to write the supplemental exam.

Be sure to review all the university regulations concerning supplemental examinations in the undergraduate calendar.

Your supplemental exam date, time and location will be listed in your Student Exam Schedule once the exam schedule is available for the term in which you are writing. To view your schedule, log in to the Student Hub with your netname and go to My CU Account > Academic > View exam schedule.

In general, supplemental exams are held at the following times:

Term Exam period
Fall, Fall/Winter, Winter courses August
Summer October
For potential June graduates February mid-term break

Your instructor will evaluate your supplemental exam and submit your grade to the Office of the Registrar. Your original failing grade remains on your record and a second entry is made on your record showing the result of the supplemental. Both grades are calculated in your grade point average.

If you fail a supplemental examination you will receive a grade of “R” in the course. If you do not write a supplemental examination, your student record remains unchanged.

If you do not write the supplemental exam when scheduled, you forfeit the chance to write the supplemental and you must repeat the course if it is a requirement for your degree. However, a missed supplemental exam will not appear on your transcript.

If extraordinary circumstances prevented you from writing the supplemental examination, you may apply to the University Examinations Committee. Please refer to the Request for “DEF” notation section for further information.

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