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Laboratory and Other Equipment

Section Equipment Laboratory Equipment
Autoclaves   Safe Use of Autoclaves
Lead Acid Batteries Safety Guidelines  
  Lithium Batteries Safety Guidelines  
Biology Safety Cabinets   Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Procedure
    Procedure for Safe Use of a Biological Safety Cabinet
Centrifuges   Safe Use of Centrifuges
Laser Laser Pointers  
  Laser Cutters  
Mixing Apparatus   Safe Use of Mixing Apparatus
Vacuum Systems   Protection of vacuum lines, pumps and central systems

Equipment decontamination

Equipment should be decontaminated appropriately by users PRIOR to any repair, relocation, or disposal of equipment. Appropriate decontamination will ensure that no one is exposed to hazardous products during the handling or transfer of equipment. Principal investigators must complete the Certificate of Equipment Decontamination form for any equipment that would leave their research space (laboratory, studio, workshop, etc.)

Transfer and donations of materials or equipment

All donations of hazardous materials (chemicals, biological materials, research samples, etc.) and donations of research equipment from outside the University are subject to review and approval by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) prior to collection from the donor and/or before receiving them at the University.

EHS review and approval will ensure that the equipment meets all compliance requirements of applicable regulations and policies of the university, as well as a verification that intended location of the donated hazardous materials and equipment is appropriate and that use of the equipment does not pose a safety risk for the university personnel.

If you are planning on receiving a donation of hazardous materials or research equipment, please contact Environmental Health & Safety by email ( or at extension 4877.

See the EHS Guideline concerning receiving Hazardous Materials and Research Equipment Donations.

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