2022 Concordia Safety Ambassador Awards

Environmental Health & Safety participatied in the 2022 Concordia Engagement Awards on April 13, 2022. EHS has recognized and encourage safe practices at Concordia over the years.

This year the Safety Awards were handed out to three recipients. These recipients inspired and maintained best practices in health and safety. The recipients are members of the Concordia community who have made significant changes, overcome barriers and had an impact on safety on campus.  

2022 Safety Ambassador Award Recipients

Guy Gosselin

Guy Gosselin is the Planning & Operation Facilities Manager, Gina Cody School of Engineering (GCS). Guy continually plans, improves, and enhances the engineering facilities used and moving resources around to allow the furthering of the research goals of all the departments in GCS. He prioritizes safety in a pre-emptive manner and includes Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and GCS safety technician early in the workflow.


Nathan McDonald Fortier is an Engineering student who serves as the Chief Safety Officer of Space Concordia's Rocketry Division. Nathan runs the Rocketry's Division training program and ensures every member is trained. The Rocketry Division has developed a sophisticated internal system to track training and ensure the safety of its members and everyone involved in the project. Nathan’s commitment, guidance, and hard work keeps everyone safe.

Lauren Farley is the Director of Residence Life. Lauren led her team in establishing very clear safety procedures and protocols for the health and safety return of the students in residence and their successful reopening. The residences would not have been able to remain open during the pandemic without the due diligence demonstrated by Lauren.

Previous Safety Ambassador Recipients

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