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Basketball League Rules

Updated March 2023

Please note that occasionally, games may be re-scheduled outside of the normal league time frame due to Stinger game and event obligations.

For any league-related questions, please email

The Concordia Intramural Basketball League (CIBL) uses a set of house rules that draws from a variety of basketball leagues and even makes adaptations on some of them. Additions to this list due to oversight or omission will be communicated to all captains as soon as a change is made. Captains are responsible for communicating these rules to their players.

  1. The Concordia Intramural Basketball League (CIBL) is open to students, staff, faculty, alumni and the public. Current season varsity basketball players are not permitted to participate in the league.
  2. The spirit of the league is to provide its participants with a positive recreational experience incorporating a high spirit of sportsmanship, fair play, and mutual respect between players.
  3. The league is co-ed.
  4. All players must be fully REGISTERED to participate in the league. Once the team captain has registered the team into the league, individual team members must complete their registration before the registration deadline. Team captains agree to have their names and email addresses shared with other team captains for ease of communication.
  5. All team members are required to wear similar jerseys. Jerseys are the responsibility of the team, and not the Department of Recreation and Athletics.
  6. Team captains must complete the game sheet prior to the start of the game. Team captains are the only players who can consult with game officials.
  7. When a team is aware in advance that they will default/forfeit a game, the captain must inform, in writing, the League Coordinator ( as well as the captain of the opposing team, with as much notice as possible. Teams that forfeit will lose that game 3-0.
  8. Captains/team members are not permitted to write into the League Coordinator with complaints until 24+ hours following the game in question. This will be referred to as the ‘cooling off period’.
  9. The Department of Recreation and Athletics reserves the right to request that a team change their team’s name if it is deemed inappropriate.
  10. Games will consist of two x 20-minute (running-time) periods, with a one-minute rest period between periods. The last two minutes of the game will be stop-time if the point differential is ten points or less.
  11.  Teams must have a minimum of eight registered players. If this condition is not met, teams will default their games.
  12.  Overtime will only be called for playoffs and will comprise a series of five-minute running-time periods. The last minute of each overtime period will be stop-time, regardless of the score. The team leading at the end of an over-time period will be declared the winner

Full refunds are granted within seven days of registration and payment. Exception: Captains will not be refunded their registration fee if a team withdraws from a sport league, whether from voluntary withdrawal or through administrative decision(s) involving suspension or expulsion.

All players have until the published deadline to pay their registration fee. A team’s failure to register a minimum eight (8) players by this deadline will incur defaults for all subsequent games until the registration requirement is satisfied.

Note: Teams that incur three or more defaults during the season will not be eligible for post-season play.

The top six teams according to the final standings will advance to post season play. The top two teams will advance to the semi-final round. In the event of a tie in the standings, the following tie-breaking formula will be used, in the following order:

  1. Regular season, head-to-head result.
  2. Greatest +/- season point differential.
  3. Greatest number of points scored.
  4. Fewest games lost by default.
  5. Coin flip between remaining tied teams (random number draw if more than 2 teams).

Supplemental rules

1.1 The game clock will start at the scheduled starting time, regardless of whether teams have the full complement of players. In addition, if any undue delay is realized, then the second half score-clock will be adjusted to ensure that the next scheduled game starts on time.

1.2 If time permits, games will feature two, 20-minute halves, running time. The last two minutes of the 2nd half will be stop time whenever the point differential is ten points or less.

1.3 Teams always require five players on the floor.

1.4 After ten minutes have elapsed on the running game clock, teams who do not have the minimum required number of players will default the game to their opponent, unless their opponent is also short on players. In that case, both teams will receive a default.

1.5 Only roster players (registered) are eligible to participate in the playoffs.

2.1 Teams are permitted one 30-second time out per half, and one 30-second time out in any playoff overtime period.

2.2 Time outs may only be called before the ball has been inbounded, after a basket scored or after any whistle and must be done so from the court.

2.3 Requesting a time out when a team has exhausted their allotted amount results in a technical foul.

3.1 Teams will have eight seconds to advance the ball past the half-court line into their offensive end. Penalty: violation, change of possession.

3.2 Teams will have five seconds to inbound the ball after a whistle or basket scored against them. Penalty: violation, change of possession.

3.3 Players shooting foul shots will have five seconds to attempt their shot once given the ball by the referee. Penalty: violation, loss of shot (1st shot) or change of possession (last shot).

3.4 CIBL uses the wide (red) key under each basket; offensive players may not remain in the key for more than three seconds when their team has possession of the ball. Penalty: violation, change of possession.

3.5 The three-second clock resets on a shot hitting the rim. Referees will make allowances for players remaining in the key while an attempted shot is on its way toward the basket. If a shot should miss the rim and is recovered by the shooting team with a teammate in the key for longer than three seconds, the violation will be called, and the ball awarded to the opposing team.

3.6 On free throw attempts, three defensive players and two offensive players may take positions along the sides of the key in the designated spots and may enter the key only after the shooter releases the ball. The shooter may not cross the free throw line until his/her shot hits the rim. All other players

outside the three-point line must wait until the shot hits the rim before crossing the three-point line. Penalty: violation. Penalty for offensive violation: loss of shot, no points may be scored. Penalty for defensive violation: shooter receives another free throw. Defensive violations will not be called when a free throw attempt is successful.

3.6 There is no "shadow" under the basket in relation to offensive fouls in use during CIBL games.

3.7 Players wishing to enter the game must report to the scorekeeper and request a substitution at the next whistle. Players may only enter when called to do so by a referee.

3.8 "On the fly" substitutions are not permitted. Penalty: team technical foul.

3.9 Teams are responsible to always ensure the correct number of players on the floor. Playing with too many players will result in a team technical foul. Teams playing with too few players must wait until the first stoppage of play to correct the deficit.

3.10 A player inbounding the ball from the front court must play the ball into the front court. Penalty: back court violation, change of possession.

3.11 When a 30-second shot clock is not visible to players, it is still enforceable at the referee's and/or timekeeper's discretion to prevent unnecessary delays.

4.1 Players will foul out after they have been assessed five fouls in a single game.

4.2 All fouls assessed against an individual player count toward the five foul limit.

4.3 Following the seventh and eighth foul assessed to a team in a half, the fouled opponent will be awarded a 1+1 bonus free throw, two shots Bonus at nine + fouls. The ball is live on a missed attempt.

4.4 Following the tenth and subsequent fouls assessed to a team in a half, the fouled opponent will be awarded a double-bonus free throw. The ball is alive following the second shot.

4.5 Unsporting conduct will not be tolerated toward game officials, opponents, and spectators.

4.6 Technical fouls: Penalty: Non-offending team receives three points and the ball to inbound at half court unless such positioning will disadvantage the non-offending team.

4.7 Players receiving two technical fouls during one game are immediately ejected from the game and must leave the gym for the balance of the night. Players may receive two technical fouls for the same infraction if judged necessary and appropriate by the game referees.

4.8 Intentional fouls: Penalty: Non-offending team receives two points (or three if the intentional foul prevents a three-point attempt) and the ball to inbound at half-court.

4.9 Flagrant fouls: Penalty: Offending player is immediately ejected from the game and the gym; non-offending team receives three points and the ball to inbound at half-court. Players receiving a flagrant foul are automatically considered for suspension.

4.10 (a) Fighting, threats of violence, or another similar act will not be tolerated by the league. Any player guilty of such act shall be suspended from the league for the balance of the season.

4.11 The League Coordinator may suspend any player for actions occurring during a game, at his/her own sole discretion, regardless of whether a foul was called on a play or not. Decisions may be appealed in writing to the Manager, Campus Recreation. Any appeal must be made within three working days of notice of suspension. Any suspended player remains suspended pending any appeal. ** All incidents taking place before, during, or following a match are reviewed by the league and supplemental actions may be assessed following the conclusion of the review.

4.12 The duration of suspensions will range from a minimum of one game to season suspensions.

* All applicable suspensions will be listed in the suspension table located on the league standings page.

PLEASE NOTE: Any harassment of a league official whether it is of a physical or verbal nature (threat), will be subject to the following conditions:

1) As a minimum, a one-year suspension from the date of the infraction for all Campus Recreation activities, with no refunds issued.

2) The suspended player must then re-apply for re-instatement (in writing) to the Manager, Campus Recreation after the termination of the suspension.

Note: Any player who refuses to produce an I.D. card when requested by League officials will automatically be released from the league, with no refunds issued..


** ALL captains must disclose the contents of the waiver noted below to ALL players on their respective team prior to the start of the season and/or game in the case of spare players.

All team captains, leaders and/or other persons responsible for groups using Concordia University’s Recreation and Athletics facilities are responsible for communicating the following important information to individual participants under their responsibility and/or supervision.

Team Captains and/or Rental Group leaders hereby declare and warrant that they have communicated the following warnings to participants:

All participants recognize and accept that their participation in activities, offered or taking place on Concordia University’s Recreation and Athletics facilities, including the programs, classes and equipment not limited to the Loyola Campus Arena, Stinger Dome, weight room, outdoor playing fields and gymnasium, is solely at the risk of each individual participant. All participants recognize and accept all liability for any injury, accident or loss of personal property and hereby release Concordia University, its agents, representatives and employees from all liabilities for any direct, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, regardless of the form of action arising from or related

to by our use of the facilities or our participation in the activities held in these facilities and/or offered by the facilities, except for claims or losses resulting from willful misconduct or gross negligence of Concordia University, its agents, representatives and employees. Participants must be in good physical condition and must have appropriate insurance coverage including medical coverage.

Participants agree to follow the facilities' instructional guidelines and to abide by all University policies and Codes, as applicable, regardless of whether they are members of the University community. Participants agree and accept that if they fail to abide by said University Policies and Codes as well as all applicable laws and regulations, their access to the facilities, equipment and/or participation in a program, if applicable, may be immediately cancelled and/or revoked and their access to the premises, use of the equipment and right to participate in a program in the future access, may be denied.

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