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Cinema Course Groups

Communication Studies Film Courses

COMS 301 Selected Topics in National Cinemas (3.00)
COMS 304 Selected Topics in Film Studies (3.00)
COMS 416 Advanced Media Criticism (3.00)
COMS 434 Advanced Topics in Film Studies (3.00)

Note: Students enrolled in the Major in Film Studies or Major in Film Production or Specialization programs may select up to 12 credits from the Communication Studies courses listed above. Students enrolled in the Minor in Cinema and the Minor in Film Studies may select up to six credits from the Communication Studies courses listed above.

Note: The credits earned may be applied as Film Studies and/or Cinema electives for degree purposes.

Filmmaking Courses

FMAN 203 Introduction to Animation I (3.00)
FMAN 204 Introduction to Animation II (3.00)
FMAN 307 Intermediate Animation I (3.00)
FMAN 308 Intermediate Animation II (3.00)
FMAN 402 Advanced Animation Filmmaking (9.00)
FMPR 231 Filmmaking I (6.00)
FMPR 332 Filmmaking II (6.00)
FMPR 432 Filmmaking III (6.00)

Note: The courses listed in this group include the production of a film as part of the course requirements.

Note: A student may register for only one course in which films are produced as a course requirement during each academic session.

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