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Minor in Cinema

Program Requirements

Minor in Cinema (30 credits)



FMST 220 Film Analysis (3.00)


credits chosen from:

FMST 222 Topics in Film Aesthetics (3.00)
FMST 223 Montage Aesthetic (3.00)
FMST 224 Moving Camera Aesthetic (3.00)


credits chosen from:

FMST 201 Film History I (3.00)
FMST 202 Film History II (3.00)
FMST 203 Film History III (3.00)


credits of Film Studies electives

Note: With the written permission of the School, introductorylevel Film Animation or Film Production courses, selected in consultation with the School, may be substituted.

Note: Up to six credits chosen from the Communication Studies Film Courses list may be applied as Film Studies electives for degree purposes.


  • Students are responsible for fulfilling their particular degree requirements; hence, the sequences above must be read in conjunction with Section 81.20 Degree Requirements.

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