Management Elective Group for Non-Business Students


Management Elective Group For Non-Business Students (15 credits)



MANA 201 Introduction to Business and Management (3.00)
MANA 202 Human Behaviour in Organizations (3.00)


credits chosen from:

MANA 298 Business Law (3.00)
MANA 300 Entrepreneurship: Launching Your Business (3.00)
MANA 343 Communication and Negotiation (3.00)
MANA 362 Human Resource Management (3.00)
MANA 374 Sustainable Management (3.00)


  • This 15-credit elective group is available to students registered in undergraduate programs outside of the John Molson School of Business. Students choosing this elective group have the opportunity to add a business-oriented management component to their arts, science, engineering, or fine arts degrees.
  • Since non‑business students can only register for a maximum of 30 credits within the John Molson School of Business, students registered in the Minor in Business Studies cannot register for this elective group.

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