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Certificate in Business Studies

Admission Requirements for the Certificate in Business Studies (12 credits)



ECON 201 Introduction to Microeconomics (3.00)
ECON 203 Introduction to Macroeconomics (3.00)
MATH 208 Fundamental Mathematics I (3.00)
MATH 209 Fundamental Mathematics II (3.00)

Program Requirements

Certificate in Business Studies (30 credits)



COMM 205 Business Communication (3.00)
COMM 211 Global Business Environment (3.00)
COMM 213 Computing and Visualization Tools for Business Analytics (1.50)
COMM 214 Business Analytics (3.00)
COMM 216 Ethics, Business Sustainability, and Social Responsibility (1.50)
COMM 217 Financial Accounting (3.00)
COMM 221 Financial Markets (3.00)
COMM 223 Marketing Management (3.00)
COMM 225 Production and Operations Management (3.00)
COMM 227 Interpersonal and Critical Thinking Skills (3.00)

3credits of additional courses from the John Molson School of Business chosen in consultation with an academic advisor.


  • This program is not open to students registered in a program leading to an undergraduate degree.
  • Students may transfer into the certificate program up to 12 credits earned in an incomplete degree or certificate program or as an Independent student, provided they are students in good standing. The credits that may be so transferred are determined by the University at the point of entry into the program.

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