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Department of Marketing



DARLENE WALSH, PhD University of Toronto; Associate Professor

Distinguished Professors Emeriti

V.H. (MANEK) KIRPILANI, PhD Université de Montréal
CHRISTOPHER A. ROSS, PhD University of Western Ontario

Professors Emeriti

B. ZEKI GIDENGIL, PhD University of Bradford
ANNAMMA JOY, PhD University of British Columbia
RONALD MCTAVISH, PhD Strathclyde University


BRYAN BARBIERI, MBA Columbia University; Professor
ONUR H. BODUR, PhD Virginia State University; Professor
B. KEMAL BÜYÜKKURT, PhD Indiana University; Professor
BIANCA GROHMANN, PhD Washington State University; Professor
LEA PREVEL KATSANIS, PhD George Washington University; Professor
MICHEL LAROCHE, PhD Columbia University; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
JORDAN LE BEL, PhD McGill University; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
JOOSEOP LIM, PhD University of California, Irvine; Professor
MICHELE PAULIN, PhD Université du Québec à Montréal; Professor
GAD SAAD, PhD Cornell University; Professor
MRUGANK V. THAKOR, PhD Indiana State University; Professor

Associate Professors

ZEYNEP ARSEL, PhD University of Wisconsin‑Madison; Associate Professor
PIERRE‑YANN DOLBEC, PhD York University; Associate Professor
TIESHAN LI, PhD University of British Columbia; Associate Professor
CAROLINE ROUX, PhD Northwestern University; Associate Professor
KAMILA SOBOL, PhD York University; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

MARCIO COELHO, PhD Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil; Assistant Professor
SHARLENE HE, PhD Northwestern University; Assistant Professor
ANTOINETTE SCARINGI, DBA University of Southern California; DBA; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturer

HAROLD SIMPKINS, MBA Concordia University; Senior Lecturer


JOHN AYLEN, MA Concordia University; Lecturer
ADAM DI STEFANO, BCL, JD McGill University; Lecturer
IMAN EL MENIAW, MBA University of Saskatchewan; Lecturer


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

The Marketing Department seeks to cultivate in each student the skills and perspectives essential for effective and responsible marketing. Emphasis is on creating marketing strategies and plans based on a thorough understanding of consumer and industrial buying behavior.

The Department is committed to fostering a dynamic entrepreneurial orientation together with an appreciation of the essence, importance, and potential power of marketing.

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