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Elective Group Notes

  • Elective Groups (formerly referred to as Clusters) are elective courses (15 to 18 credits) on a theme. Each group provides multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary course content.
  • Course information on these Elective Groups is listed in the Undergraduate Class Schedule and on the University website at

Econometrics and Programming (15 credits)

Health and Lifestyle (18 credits)

Hellenic Studies (18 credits)

Introduction to Life Sciences (18 credits)

Legal Studies (18 credits)

Indigenous Studies (15 credits)

Quebec Studies (18 credits)

Spanish America (18 credits)

Sustainability Studies (15 credits)

Preparing for Success in the Workplace (18 credits)

The Planet Earth: Studies in the Environment (18 credits)

Understanding Western Myth (15 credits)

The Basics of Business (15 credits)

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