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Campus cleaning

Concordia is committed to providing well maintained spaces for all university members. Get a sense of what the university’s cleaning contact covers, the responsibilities of individuals and departments, and how to get help when you need it.

Cleaning contracts

The university works with a number of contractors, notably for building cleaning, upkeep of exterior spaces, and snow removal. There are no fewer than 10 contracts overseen by custodial services. 

Having a basic understanding of the cleaning contract means community members know when cleaning occurs, in which locations and at what frequency. It also indicates what tasks are the responsibility of individuals or departments.  


Employees and other individual space users

Some spaces or types of cleaning are the responsibility of employees or other individual space users. These include:

  • Cleaning desk surfaces 
  • Emptying individual recycling bins into larger, central ones 
  • Emptying mini-bin waste into larger, central wastebins 

Note: As part of Concordia’s Low Waste Initiative, individual trash bins have been phased out on the campuses. Those who choose to keep are responsible for emptying them into larger, central bins. 

Need a mini-bin or other low waste resources? Visit the Zero Waste Services page.

Department administrators

Some tasks are best overseen by department administrators. They are arranged by Facilities Management but costs must be assumed by departments. Examples include:

  • Shampooing carpets (if required more than once a year) 
  • Special cleaning before or after events 
  • Cleaning following renovations 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Furniture cleaning, disinfecting and dusting 
  • Cleaning of appliances, including microwaves and fridges

If you are unsure of who is responsible for a task or for paying for it, contact the Facilities Service Centre

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