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Concordia has adopted a "trashless" office model: standard desk-side trash bins are being replaced by mini-bins which users sort out into landfill, compost and recycling at centralized waste sorting areas. This saves a lot of recyclable and compostable waste from landfill!

Waste collection

How it works

  • Desk-side trash bins are replaced by mini bins
  • Compost bins were added to kitchenettes
  • Recycling bins remain unaffected

Your mini-bin

A mini-bin that replaces the larger waste bins.

Use your mini-bin to carry waste from your office to your kitchenette or common area where you can sort waste into the appropriate containers. Please note — cleaners will not empty mini-bins!

Compost Collection

Frequent collection

Your office kitchenette compost bin is emptied more often than your office's trash so there is no risk of odours or fruit flies.

Easy to use

Using the compost bin is as easy as using a trash bin. Not sure what goes in the compost? You’ll find that most items are compostable or recyclable. Learn more about what goes in compost!

Want more information?

For inquiries about waste collection, contact
For general inquiries on the project, contact

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