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Concordia-Mitacs Inbound Globalink Research Award (special call for Concordia faculty members)

Living the International Faculty Experience

If you are a Concordia faculty member seeking to develop or expand a strategic partnership in one of the Mitacs partner countries, this may interest you.

The Concordia University-Mitacs Globalink Inbound Award offers $6,000 in funding to host undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (interns) coming from Mitacs partner countries to conduct 12–24-week co-supervised research projects at Concordia.


Concordia University and Mitacs have signed an agreement to help Concordia faculty members strengthen research collaborations with international research partners. Starting this year, the agreement will provide up to 15 undergraduate and/or graduates students and/or postdoctoral fellows (interns) from partner countries the opportunity to participate in a 12 to 24 weeks co-supervised research project at Concordia.

Application Deadline

February 21st, 2019.


Concordia University and Mitacs will offer C$6,000 in funding, within the context of the Mitacs inbound Globalink Research Award (GRA) program, to up to 15 eligible senior undergraduate and/or graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows (inbound) wishing to participate in a co-supervised research project lasting 12-24 weeks.

The Agreement does NOT replace the current Mitacs GRA outbound competition. Faculty members are encouraged to invite Concordia students to participate in the Mitacs GRA outbound program.

Please note this is a competitive call.


  • Develop or strengthen strategic partnerships overseas;
  • Support Concordia’s strategic directions: 1, “Double our Research” and 7, “Embrace the World”;
  • Build institutional bridges between Concordia University and international institutions;
  • Help interns to refine their skills in new environments, gain cultural fluency, and expand their professional networks;
  • Enrich Concordia research activities and drive innovation by bringing different perspectives and ideas.

Key Deliverables

Deliverables include:

  • A final report that summarizes the project. The participant is responsible for drafting the final report and securing approval and signatures from the participating supervisors;
  • Exit survey from the student, home and host supervisors.


12-24 weeks.


Six thousand Canadian dollars C$6,000 per participant.

Approved recipients will receive funds to support interns’ travel and accommodation expenses, research-related expenses, and intern stipend. Mitacs funds will be sent to Concordia and administered as a research grant in the host supervisor’s name;

Funding is based on a project duration of 12 weeks, though projects durations of up to 24 weeks are acceptable (funding will remain the same, C$6,000, independently of the project's duration); 

Host and Home supervisors are not eligible to receive funding under this competition. Funding must be used to support GRA interns invited to Concordia. 


Host supervisor (Concordia University)

  • Must hold a faculty position at Concordia;
  • Must be eligible to hold Tri-Council funding and to supervise graduate students.

Home supervisor

  • Must be recognized faculty members at their institutions;
  • Must be eligible to supervise graduate students.


  • Must be registered for full-time studies at an eligible university or institution and remain as such throughout their GRA period;
  • Cannot be nominated under this competition if they have previously completed a degree and/or been employed by Concordia;
  • Must be the legal age of majority in Canada (18 years of age or older);
  • Must meet travel requirements for Canada, including visa and/or immigration requirements and associated documentation;
  • Cannot hold more than one GRAs per academic lifetime;
  • His/her research area should be relevant to the research conducted by the proposed Concordia supervisor;
  • Must adhere and meet the criteria of Concordia’s Academic Visitor Policy;
  • Undergraduate applicants must have completed their second year of studies prior to departure;
  • Postdoctoral fellows may apply if their date of graduation from a PhD program is no more than 5 years prior to the proposed start date of the research project. They have to be either registered or employed at the university -full-time-. 



Host supervisor (Concordia professor)

  1. Submit individual applications through ConRAD in accordance to Mitacs' inbound GRA policies;
  2. Request Concordia’s Academic Visitor status for interns -immediately after the Mitacs grant is awarded-. Host Supervisors must adhere and comply with Concordia’s Policy on Academic Visitors (also see: How to Invite an Academic Visitor);
  3. Assume fiduciary responsibility of, and administrate, the Mitacs grant;
  4. Provide ongoing direction and research support to interns prior to and during their research projects;
  5. Ensure interns have appropriate lab and/or office space and resources during their research projects;
  6. Provide an exit survey for interns (sent to Mitacs directly).

Intern (international senior undergraduate, graduate and/or postdoctoral fellows)

  1. Collaborate with both co-supervisors to develop and submit an individual Mitacs GRA application;
  2. Submit to Mitacs the Student Code of Conduct and Ethics and International pre-departure form (after the award is approved);
  3. Make all necessary preparations for travel abroad with the appropriate university office(s);
  4. Obtain appropriate travel documents (i.e. visa, work permit) needed to conduct research in Canada;
  5. Adhere and comply with Concordia University’s Policy on Academic Visitors
  6. Attend any mandatory sessions as required by the home university;
  7. Provide eligible invoices (covered by the GRA Mitacs award) to the Host Supervisor;
  8. Work full-time on his/her research project;
  9. Submit a final report and exit survey to Mitacs at the end of the project.

Home Supervisor

  1. Adhere to institutional policies for research abroad;
  2. Provide letter of support and participate in the project development and application process;
  3. Provide ongoing direction and research support to the participant prior to and during the research project;
  4. Submit an exit survey and sign the final report prepared by the participant;

How to Apply

  1. All forms and instructions to apply can be found in the Application Package at the bottom of this section;
  2. All of the documents need to be completed and signed by the relevant parties;
  3. It is highly recommended that before summiting an application you request Anna-Maria Moubayed, Mitacs Business Development Representative ( to review your application;    
  4. The full application package will be submitted by the Host Supervisor through ConRAD for pre-selection (by the Internal Committee) and signature of the Concordia Office of Research (OOR) before the February 21st, 2019 deadline;
  5. After obtained institutional signature, OOR will submit pre-selected applications to Mitacs on behalf of candidates. Please see Project Selection Process and Criteria at the bottom of this page. 
  6. The Student Code of Conduct and Ethics and International Pre-departure form must be completed by the intern after the award is approved,
  7. Host supervisors must request the Academic Visitor status for their interns immediately after the Mitacs GRA inbound grant is awarded.
  8. Where applicable (if the duration of the intern is more than 120 days, or the applicant does not otherwise qualify under the Short-term work permit exemption for researchers), An Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) employer compliance fee of $230 must be paid. Concordia International will coordinate this payment upon receiving the Academic Visitor status application from the applicant. Once paid, an IRCC Offer of Employment may be issued so the intern can apply for a work permit. Please note that GRA interns entering Canada must either hold a pre-approval letter for work permit issued by a visa office abroad, or apply for a work permit at the border if they qualify to do so. For more information see Academic Visitors page.


Key Dates




Deadline/key date


Individual GRA application submission

Concordia Faculty Member **proposals to be submitted through ConRad**

February 21st 2019


Results of projects’ pre-selection

Concordia Internal Committee

February 28th 2019


Result of individual GRA applications


Mid/end May (10–12 weeks after submission)


Student Code of Conduct and Ethics and International Pre-departure form submission


2 weeks after receiving Mitacs award letter


Request Academic Visitor Status and -if needed- apply for a IRCC Offer of Employment for the intern

Faculty member

Upon receiving Mitacs Award letter


Travel to Canada

*International participants are responsible to obtain Canadian visa and/or other travel documents.

* Travel to Canada is not permitted prior to the approval of the award and receiving Concordia’s Academic Visitor status.

*Projects must begin no later than 12 months from the date the letter of award is received.



As of June 2019


Research project


12 to 24 weeks


Submit a final report


After project completion

Project Selection Process and Criteria

In a first stage (pre-selection). An internal Concordia Committee will be responsible for assessing and selecting 15 project proposals. The Project proposals will be judged based on: 1) quality of the application 2) eligibility and curriculum of nominated students and 3) feasibility.

In a second stage, Mitacs will assess individual applications bases on 1) expected benefit to the intern’s academic studies and research career 2) quality of the research proposal 3) level of supervision and mentorship committed by the host supervisor 4) strength of recommendation by the home supervisor.

Application Package



Mitacs application

GRA Inbound Program Guide

(We recommend to read the GRA Inbound Program Guide to make sure all the information and support material is included in your application)

The Mitacs application should include:

GRA Inbound Application

GRA Research Proposal

Student CV

**your application should be accompanied by:

  • Letters of support from both participating professors
  • Host supervisor’s CV in English or French, including funding history, publications, and graduate interns supervised

Code of Conduct and Ethics Form (after the GRA inbound grant is awarded)

Pre-departure Form (after the GRA inbound grant is awarded)

Inviting an Academic Visitor (intern) to Concordia

Inviting a MITACS Academic Visitor inbound GRA guide (after the GRA inbound grant is awarded)

Appointment Request Form for Academic Visitors (after the GRA inbound grant is awarded)



Application Mitacs

Guide du programme GRA entrant (en anglais seulement) 

Burse de Recherche GRA, formulaire de demande

Bourse de Recherche GRA Proposition de Recherche

CV Francais

Code de Deontologie des Participants BRG au Canada (après la subvention Mitacs est attribuée)

Formulaire Predepart Internationale au Canada (après la subvention Mitacs est attribuée)

Chercheur visiteurs, Invitation (après la subvention Mitacs est attribuée)

Chercheur Visiteurs, invitation (guide)

Formulaire de Demande, Chercheur Visiteurs (formulaire interne) 

Useful Contacts

Information on the call for porposals, application process and acadamic visitor status 

Concordia International: Julio Sevilla (

Review of Mitacs applications

Office of Research. Research Development Advisors 

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