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Available to undergraduate and graduate students from Mitacs eligible countries, this program may give you the opportunity to conduct short co-supervised research projects at Concordia and gain valuable international research experience while you expand your networks.

Application deadline: January 31, 2022

Program objectives

  • Develop or strengthen strategic partnerships overseas.
  • Support Concordia’s strategic directions: 1, “Double our Research” and 7, “Embrace the World.”
  • Build institutional bridges between Concordia University and key international institutions in Mitacs eligible countries.
  • Help students to gain international research experience, fostering cultural awareness, and develop their international networks.
  • Support the development of partnerships by faculty members.
  • Enrich Concordia's research activities and drive innovation by bringing different perspectives and ideas.

Key deliverables

Deliverables include:

  • final report that summarizes the project. The participant is responsible for drafting the final report and securing approval and signatures from the participating supervisors.
  • A brief report on how the project helped to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (to be shared with Concordia International).
  • Mitacs exit survey.

Application process

Please read carefully the details of the Mitacs GRA program and application process.

Useful contacts

Application process

Joaquin Navas

General Mitacs inquiries

Dr. Amanda Rossi

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