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Mitacs Globalink Research Internships

Information for faculty hosting Globalink Research Interns 

Congratulations on your successful participation in the Mitacs Globalink Research Internship (GRI) program. 

Your role as academic supervisor 

Supervise research work:


Complete the Academic Visitor form to request academic visitor status for your intern.


Provide intern with:

  • Workspace (e.g., lab and or office space)
  • Any safety or orientation information required for the project.
  • Providing preparation information to the interns. Informing the intern in advance about what they may need to bring, e.g., laptop, etc. Note that the GRI award does not cover any research equipment and the intern may not be able to purchase expensive equipment for the project
  • Find more information in the Mitacs Faculty Guide

Request academic visitor status for your intern 

Your Mitacs Globalink Research Intern needs to have academic visitor status at Concordia. Important to note: Mitacs manages the immigration process for Globalink Research Interns.

Steps to request academic visitor status for your interns

1. Have your research intern complete section 1 of the Academic Visitor Request Form

2. Fill out the Academic Visitor Request Form; sign it, have your department chair sign it, and submit it to the following person in your Faculty for approval from your corresponding Associate Dean, Research:

3. After receiving the completed and signed Academic Visitor Request Form, Concordia International prepares an academic visitor agreement for the research intern with the terms and conditions of each internship. 

4. Academic Visitors receive an employee ID number, a Concordia University Netname, A Concordia University email account. The Provost's office sends a letter to interns with the credentials and information about their access and available services (e.g., Wi-Fi, online library and in-person library access, shuttle bus service)

Important to noteInterns will not be registered students at Concordia and will not have access to regular student services (e.g., housing, reduced STM fares) or have a physical student ID card. 

Who to contact by topic

Topic Contact 
Academic Visitor status for interns​ Concordia International
Immigration ​

Mitacs Immigration Processing Resource on the Mitacs Globalink Information website ​

Intern award payments​
Internship date changes​

Mitacs and cc Concordia International​ ​

Interns access to Concordia email, Internet, library, campus shuttle bus​ ​
General questions ​ Concordia International
Emergencies, mental health support ​


Concordia International ​ and cc Mitacs 

Concordia Contact

Caroline Eastwood
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