How the GRA works

Under the joint supervision of a home and host professor, successful senior undergraduate students, graduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows will receive a $6,000 research award to conduct a 12- to 24-week research project in Mitacs’ eligible countries. We invite you to apply!


       Call for proposals open from September 26 - November 21, 2022.

Program Objectives

  • Develop or strengthen strategic partnerships overseas;
  • Support Concordia’s strategic directions: 1, “Double our Research” and 7, “Embrace the World”;
  • Build institutional bridges between Concordia University and key international institutions in eligible countries;
  • Help students to gain international research experience, fostering cultural awareness, and develop their international networks;
  • Support the development of partnerships by faculty members;
  • Enrich Concordia's research activities and drive innovation by bringing different perspectives and ideas.

Key Deliverables

Deliverables include:

  • A final report that summarizes the project. The participant is responsible for drafting the final report and securing approval and signatures from the participating supervisors;
  • A brief report on how the project helped to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (to be shared with Concordia International);
  • Mitacs exit survey.

Application Process and Review 

Please read carefully the details of the Mitacs Globalink Research Award (GRA) program and application process. 

Useful Resources

Useful Contacts

Concordia Contact

Caroline Eastwood

Mitacs Contact

Dr. Natalie Rachel

Mitacs Contact

Dr. Mathieu Aubin

Mitacs Contact

Dr. Oliverio Velazquez

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