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Mitacs pre-departure form

All Concordia Mitacs Globalink Research Award participants must complete a pre-departure form prior to traveling for their research project. To complete your Mitacs pre-departure form you must attend a mandatory pre-departure session with Concordia International.

How to complete your Mitacs pre-departure form

1. Complete your Mitacs pre-departure form: 

2. Make an appointment online with Concordia International for your pre-departure session

3. For Concordia students: following your pre-departure session you can obtain the signature from Concordia International on your pre-departure form. 

4. Submit your Mitacs pre-departure form to Mitacs (this form should be submitted along with the Mitacs Student Code of Conduct and Ethics Form). Please note that the student may not travel abroad for this project until these documents are received by Mitacs.

5. Review:

6. Obtain travel insurance.

7. Register with Global affairs (Registration of Canadians Abroad). If you are not a Canadian Citizen, please register with your embassy/consulate abroad.

8. Register with the Concordia travel registry.




Do you have unanswered questions about your Mitacs Pre-departure requirements?

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