Department of Management


Acting Chair

LINDA DYER, PhD Carnegie Mellon University; Professor

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

GARY JOHNS, PhD Wayne State University


STEVEN H. APPELBAUM, PhD University of Ottawa; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
KAMAL ARGHEYD, DBA Harvard University; Professor
KATHLEEN BOIES, PhD University of Western Ontario; Professor
MICHAEL CARNEY, PhD University of Bradford; Professor
ALEXANDRA DAWSON, PhD Bocconi University; Professor
MEHDI FARASHAHI, PhD Concordia University; Professor
RONALD FERGUSON, PhD University of Michigan; Professor
MUHAMMAD JAMAL, PhD University of British Columbia; Professor
RICK MOLZ, PhD University of Massachusetts; Professor
RAYMOND PAQUIN, DBA Boston University School of Management; Professor

Associate Professors

ALEX BITEKTINE, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
JOEL BOTHELLO, PhD ESSEC; Associate Professor
INGRID CHADWICK, PhD Queen’s University; Associate Professor
YU‑PING CHEN, PhD University of Wisconsin‑Milwaukee; Associate Professor
ASMA FATTOUM‑GUEDRI, PhD EMYLON Business School; Associate Professor
TRACY HECHT, PhD University of Western Ontario; Associate Professor
YOUNG‑CHUL JEONG, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign; Associate Professor
ALEX LEFTER, PhD University of Minnesota; Associate Professor
ADRIANE MACDONALD, PhD University of Waterloo; Associate Professor
ALEXANDRA PANACCIO, PhD HEC Montréal; Associate Professor
RAJSHREE PRAKASH, PhD University of Alberta; Associate Professor
SETH SPAIN, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign; Associate Professor
JISUN YU, PhD University of Minnesota; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

WILLIAM FALCÃO, PhD McGill University; Assistant Professor
YU-SHAN HSU, PhD University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Assistant Professor
SHANNON LLOYD, PhD Carnegie Mellon University; Assistant Professor
MOHAMMAD SADEGH HASHEM, PhD University of Tehran; Assistant Professor
ALEXANDER YURIEV, PhD Université Laval; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturers

RONALD J. ABRAIRA, MBA Concordia University; Senior Lecturer
NORA BARONIAN, MBA Concordia University; Senior Lecturer
FRANK CROOKS; Senior Lecturer; LLB LLL University of Ottawa; MA Concordia University
TIM FIELD, MBA Concordia University; Senior Lecturer
BARBARA SHAPIRO, MSS Bryn Mawr College; Senior Lecturer


MELANIE BRIAND, MSc Concordia University; Lecturer
MINGHUI CHENG, MBA City University of Hong Kong; Lecturer
MICHEL GREICHE, MSc London School of Economics and Political Science; Lecturer
DEREK OVADIA, MBA University of Ottawa; Lecturer
MORTEZA SARDARI, MA Imam Hosein University; Lecturer
NIGEL TAKLALSINGH, EMBA University of Western Ontario; Lecturer
LIHUI ZHANG, MA Catholic University of Leuven; Lecturer


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

The 21st century requires citizens and organizational leaders who can motivate and work with people, manage the complexities of organizations and their environments, and create wealth in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner. To prepare students for the challenges set by these diverse forces, the Management Department provides a curriculum that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of management and the interdependence among people, organizations, and society. Specific areas of study include organizational behaviour, business strategy, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and business law. The Department employs an applied pedagogy, focusing on experiential learning, case analysis, and oral and written reflections.

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