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How it works

eConcordia's online credit courses are cross-listed with Concordia University. Therefore, all the online courses meet the academic requirements in effect at the University.

The courses are structured on asynchronous learning models. This means that you do not need to schedule specific hours of the day to attend class. However, each course has an recommended Agenda to follow.

Please read the following sections and pages for additional information.

General information

The eConcordia website provides a list of credit courses offered per term. This information is for reference only. 

Our interactive courseware gives you the opportunity to communicate with your classmates, teaching assistants and your professors. Communication is fast and easy when using our discussion boards, email, and online meeting software. Teaching is highly interactive, with ongoing feedback, assessments, and monitoring. Other features such as virtual whiteboards and breakaway rooms for discussion are also integrated into many courses.

All eConcordia credit courses follow the same Academic Calendar set by Concordia University. In other words, an online course takes the same amount of term time as its real world counterpart.

Access to all eConcordia courses begin as of 2 p.m. on the first day of the term. The last day to access an eConcordia course is on the last day of the exam period in that current term.

You should expect to spend an average of four to six hours each week for each course you are taking. The time spent on each course is dependent on the course material itself as well as the rate at which each individual can learn the material. Therefore, four to six hours is an estimate only and should be adjusted based on your ability to learn the material. Agendas are available for each course to assist you in planning your study time throughout the term.

For current eConcordia students, visit our Training Centre for helpful resources on online learning.

If a class is full, you may have the option to put yourself on the waitlist by checking the ‘Wait list if class is full’ option before you add the class to your Course Cart. Look for the appropriate symbol to see if this option is available to you.

eConcordia courses can be taken even if you are not a student at Concordia University. You will, however, have to confirm ahead of time with your department that the course(s) meet the criteria for your program. You will also need to apply for authorization to have credits transferred to your school through the BCI website.

If you are a student receiving a grant for studies, please check your grant requirements in regards to online courses.

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