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Registration for eConcordia credit courses is a two-step process:

First: Register for your course. Ensure that you have registered for the online section of your desired course. You can also access your course registration by logging in to the Student Hub and going to My CU Account > Academic. 

Second: Create your eConcordia account by logging in with your Concordia Netname at

When accessing eConcordia for the first time, follow this information. Some eConcordia courses require payment for online text materials (instead of purchasing a textbook). You must pay the Course Material fee before you can gain access to your course. Please see the Payments & Refunds section for further information. If you have just recently registered for the course through the Concordia portal, allow 48 hours before attempting to retrieve your course at eConcordia.

Visit How to register page for more information.

Please contact for help accessing your account.

If you forgot your Concordia password associated with your Netname, you can change it here: 

As a returning student, your eConcordia account has already been created. Simply log in at with your Concordia Netname and Password.


Please contact for help accessing your account.

As of 2 p.m. on the first day of class, log in at, and click on Activate your course(s) section. Follow the steps found on that page.

Each time a student registers for an eConcordia course, the student must access the Activate your course(s) section and activate their course. There is a possible delay of 24 hours for the newly registered course to show up in the Activate your course(s) section.

Students must provide eConcordia with proper documentation in order to gain access to a course when requesting a late registration. The following documents are required to gain access:

  • Late registration request paper from the course’s department at Concordia University
  • Written and signed letter (or email) from the professor approving the late registration request into the course
  • If there are any course material fees to be paid, the student must pay the fee.

eConcordia courses follow the same academic calendar as Concordia University. You can refer to your course outline for important dates set by your professor.

If you decide to activate your course after the term start date, you have to contact your professor regarding missed assessments. Follow the same procedure to activate a course as at the beginning of the term.

If you forgot your Concordia password associated with your Netname, you can change it here: 

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