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I am a University administrator who has a work-related legal question but I do not know who to contact. Who should I call?

If you are unsure of which Legal Counsel to contact, consult Me Frederica Jacobs, Secretary-General and General Counsel or, in her absence, Me Valerie Gastebled, Associate General Counsel.

How do I have contracts or other legal documents signed by the University?

Please see the section of this website regarding Signing Authority and if you have any further questions, please contact Me Alison Beck, Associate Legal Counsel.

What is the procedure for holding an event on campus if alcohol will be served?

Please consult the Hospitality section of the University website regarding Event with Alcohol.

What is the procedure for screening a film on campus?

Please consult the section of the Copyright Guide regarding Videos and DVDs, available on the Library section of the University website.

Where do I deliver legal documents (legal notices, subpoenas, etc.) to the University?

All legal documents should be delivered to the University Secretariat at GM-620. For your convenience and ease of reference, please refer to our campus map.

Kindly note that the University Secretariat will not accept legal documents on behalf of students. Additionally, the University Secretariat will not accept legal documents on behalf of employees if these documents do not relate to University matters.

I want to view my own file at the University and/or copies of documents in my file. How do I request access?

Specific written requests for access to documents may be made verbally or in writing to the Person in Charge of access to documents at the University.

The Person in Charge of access to documents at the University is Me Frederica Jacobs, Secretary General and General Counsel.

For guidelines regarding access to documents and personal information, please see the following webpage: Guidelines on the Application of the Act.

I am a University employee or student and I have a personal legal question. Can I contact the University Secretariat?

The University Secretariat does not provide legal advice regarding the personal issues of University employees or students.

Last update: March 10, 2016

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