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Legal Services is the unit that is responsible for the provision of all legal services to Concordia University and for managing the Office of Student Tribunals. The Legal Services legal team is composed of a Secretary-General and General Counsel, three Legal Counsels and three Associate Legal Counsels and reports to the University Secretariat.


Legal Services
Me Frederica Jacobs
Secretary-General and
General Counsel
Head of Legal Services and responsible for the overall operations of Legal Services as well as all major legal dossiers
Me Valérie Gastebled
Associate General Counsel
Me Melodie Sullivan
Senior Legal Counsel
Me Shawn Connelly
Legal Counsel, Employment and Labour relations
Me Alison Beck
Associate Legal Counsel
Me Laurence Smith-Lauzon
Associate Legal Counsel
Me Alex Goupil
Associate Legal Counsel, Procurement
Me Georges Aubé
Special Projects, Legal
Me Pénélope Maheu-Tessier
Junior Labour Lawyer
Administrative team
Enza De Cubellis
Andrea Renaud Coordinator, Administration
Jo-Ann Johnson Officer, Access to Information and Privacy
Shelina Houssenaly Officer, Policies and Governance
Laura Landry

Officer, Student Tribunals
Kim Dagenais Legal Assistant
Charlotte Leger

Legal Assistant

Marilène Gaudet Assistant to the Secretary-General and General Counsel
General Inquiries

Ahniet Tsang

Office Assistant
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