Legal Services

Legal Services is the unit that is responsible for the provision of all legal services to Concordia University and for managing the Office of Student Tribunals.

Legal environment

The University is a large, multifaceted environment in which the efficient delivery of quality legal services is critical. With an annual budget in excess of $450 million, over 7,000 employees, 13 bargaining units, over $30 million spent annually on Research, a Foundation, a Pension Fund, millions of dollars in annual donations, intricate donor agreements, approximately 60 properties of a varied nature owned by the University, ongoing maintenance and construction projects, the frequent adoption of new legislation to which the University is subject and the many other operations of the University, its legal obligations are similar and, in some cases, more complex than those faced by very large corporations.


First and foremost, the mission of Legal Services is to protect the interests of the University by providing practical, efficient and strategic legal advice. Legal Services is committed to good governance and best practices as it anticipates the needs of its Concordia partners in order to advance the University’s core academic, research and community engagement missions. In fulfillment of this mission, among other things, Legal Services:

  • Remains abreast of legislative developments affecting the University and disseminates information to the University community regarding these developments;
  • Provides a full-range of legal services to the University and to administrative units through the University’s senior administration, the Deans and administrative heads of units;
  • Identifies and recommends procedures and practices to protect the University from liability;
  • Assists with the development of University policies;
  • Acts as the ‘gatekeeper’ of the University’s trademarks, official marks and logos, and monitors the use of these trademarks, official marks and logos, taking action when necessary;
  • Participates in special initiatives and sensitive projects on an as-needed basis;
  • Oversees and manages the Office of Student Tribunals;
  • Provides seminars and other education-oriented initiatives on legal issues affecting the University; and
  • When necessary, retains, instructs and oversees external legal counsel on behalf of the University and manages the costs of legal services in an effective and cost efficient manner.


Legal Services and the members of the Legal Services team strive to establish themselves as leaders in their specific areas of expertise so as to safeguard and enhance Concordia’s reputation and place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the world.


Please note that reviewing the contents of this webpage is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice.

As such, University administrators seeking legal advice should contact Legal Services directly.

This webpage is maintained by Legal Services in order to provide readers with general information about Legal Services and its role at the University, important Memoranda relating to or issued by Legal Services as well as recent developments at the University that pertain to Legal Services and the role that it plays at the University.

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