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Office of Student Tribunals

All matters of student discipline are dealt with in accordance with university policies. The Office of Student Tribunals is responsible for the coordination of the various panels that function under the Policy on the Establishment of Tribunal Hearing Pools (BD-6)

The Office of Student Tribunals is responsible for hearings provided for in the Code of Rights and Responsibilities (BD-3), the Academic Code of Conduct, the Academic Re-evaluation Procedures, the Graduate Academic Appeals Procedures and any other Codes or Policies that may be adopted which refer to the Tribunal Hearing Pools.

For further information, kindly consult the Office of Student Tribunal’s FAQ, the following links and the summaries of student discipline cases contained in the Office of Student Tribunals’ Annual Academic Hearing Reports below:

Any inquiries regarding the panels administered by the Office of Student Tribunals should be addressed to:

Laura Landry
Student Tribunals Officer

The vast majority of hearings that take place result from accusations under the Academic Code of Conduct. Often, the offences and, therefore, the hearings, could have been avoided if the student was familiar with the rules and regulations pertaining to academic integrity.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that every student take the time to review and understand these rules and regulations, the Academic Code of Conduct and to regularly consult the University academic integrity pages in order to remain current and aware of all rules, regulations and policies relating to academic integrity.

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