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Northern Scientific Training Program

About the program

The objective of the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) is to increase the number of students who have specialized in some aspect of northern studies and who have northern research experience. This student research and training opportunity is open to senior undergraduate and graduate students*. For a student to be eligible they must have a supervisor who is a funded Concordia researcher and field research must be tied to the applicant’s thesis.

Geographical focus: The NSTP supports projects that lie “north of the southern limit of the discontinuous permafrost zone; and the other seven circumpolar countries (Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States (Alaska))”.

*Please note that Field Assistants will no longer be eligible for NSTP funding. 

Sharing information and building relationships of trust and friendships in the community are what’s important – being open and outgoing, and looking for ways to be useful in the community and ways to build links with people. Further information can be found in the NSTP Information Manual and the Community Interactions and Examples of Community Engagement document.

To create an application, please visit the NSTP web site.

NOTE: Students and supervisors who have not previously accessed NSTP’s online forms will be required to sign up for a new account in order to access forms.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The average NSTP allocation is $2500-$3000.
  • NSTP monies are supplementary in nature - applicants must ensure that other funds are in place.
  • NSTP monies cannot be used to fund field assistants, field schools, to purchase equipment or to fund travel to report back to communities. For complete information see the NSTP Information Manual.
  • For circumpolar projects, a direct linkage must be made as to how Canada benefits from the proposed research. Individual justifications are necessary.
  • Consult the NSTP Information Manual for a complete overview of program details and application requirements.

Please submit completed student applications to the Office of Research by November 8, 2019.

Things to keep in mind:

Presentations must be given to communities where research has been conducted (verbal or written). The Northern Research Institutes are quite open to assisting students by relaying results to a community.

Winter projects are due in April but a preliminary report must be submitted in December.

Supervisor comments should clearly spell out the benefit of the research to the student.

Publications/presentations references must be indicated on the report form and the section must be completed accordingly.

Indicate the other sources of support eg. NSERC, Polar Continental Shelf Project, in kind support. Students are requested to indicate only their portion of the supervisors’ overall support.

Consult the NSTP Information Manual for a complete overview of reporting requirements.

Contact us

Office of Research
Tel: 514-848-2424 ext. 4886
Fax: 514-848-4290

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