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University Prizes and Awards Committee

Paula Wood-Adams (Chair)
Interim Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies

Cinzia Miscio (Secretary)
Manager, Administrative Operations

Anne Whitelaw
Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs

Ann-Louise Davidson
Associate Professor, Department of Education
Concordia University Research Chair, Maker Culture (Tier 2)

Pedro Peres-Neto
Professor, Department of Biology
Canada Research Chair in Spatial Ecology and Biodiversity (Tier 1)

Roch Glitho
Professor, CIISE
Canada Research Chair in End-User Service Engineering for Communication Networks (Tier 2)

Lyes Kadem
Associate Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering
Concordia University Research Chair in Cardiovascular Engineering and Medical Devices (Tier 2)

Xiao Huang
Associate Professor, Supply Chain and Business Technology Management
Concordia University Research Chair in Supply Chain Management (New Scholar)

Guylaine Beaudry
University Librarian

Alice Jim
Professor, Art History
Concordia University Research Chair in Ethnocultural Art Histories (Tier 2)


Permanent Observers:


Justin Powlowski
AVP Research, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships

Monica Mulrennan
AVP Research, Development and Outreach

Heather Adams-Robinette
Director, VPRGS Sector


Occasional Observers:


Dominique Michaud
Director of Research Development

Eli Friedland
Advisor, Institutional Recognition Initiatives

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