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Nomination information

Concordia University seeks candidate suggestions for external prizes and awards.

External prizes and awards

Search through a selection of major provincial, national and international prizes. Please check the sponsor website to confirm the application deadline.

Suggest a candidate

Use the form below to suggest the candidacy of yourself or a colleague for an award. Keep in mind that major external prize and award nomination dossiers require extensive preparation time. We therefore ask you to suggest candidates well in advance (ideally, 3-6 months) of the nomination deadline.

Candidate information

 I am proposing myself as a candidate.
 I am proposing a colleague as a candidate. (Please include your contact information in the section at the bottom of this page.)
 This is an anonymous suggestion.

Please provide the name and sponsoring organization of the prize or award - e.g., Fellowship, Royal Society of Canada.


Please tell us why you believe the candidate would be a good fit for this prize or award.

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