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A vision for the Loyola and Sir George Williams facilities over the coming decade.

The role of a master plan

The Campus Master Plan will serve to articulate Concordia’s vision of space, in terms of urban planning,  based on assessments needs and use by community members. It will also connect built and natural environments through lenses that include:

Campus-city interface


Mobility and transportation

Inclusion and accessibility


Health & wellness


Public domain


Concordia’s new Campus Master Plan will help determine and communicate priorities and resource allocation. It will also serve as an essential tool in exchanges with external parties like municipalities, neighbours and all others who feel connected to our campuses.

The new Master Plan will replace the previous one which was updated several times and served from 2001 until now.

The importance of consultation

Though the Campus Master Plan focuses on the university as a physical entity, Concordia is first and foremost a group of diverse people. Their views are critical in understanding needs and aspirations.

The university also exists within a broader, urban framework where external key players can provide vital perspectives to enrich and define elements of the new Campus Master Plan.

Therefore, the Campus Master Plan team has been reaching out through means which include:

  • Meetings with key individuals and groups
  • Ideation sessions
  • Surveys and feedback forums

Phases of the development of the new
Campus Master Plan 

Portrait of the campuses today
Planning and development orientations
In progress
Campus development scenarios
To come
Validation of the Campus Master Plan

Read the executive summaries of the initial phases:

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