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Campus Master Plan Vision

To create places of learning, research and community in an inclusive, shared and dynamic environment through a focus on Indigenization, heritage, community engagement and innovation.

Main objectives

  • Define Concordia's long-term development intentions for both campuses.  
  • Align the physical development of the Sir George Williams and Loyola campuses with the university's strategic priorities. 
  • Provide a framework for realizing multiple interventions and development projects that will shape the future campus.

What is the Campus Master Plan?

Concordia’s Campus Master Plan is a framework for the achievement of development projects that will shape the campus of the future.

The plan is a living tool for better coordination with the city and boroughs and lays out where new projects could happen and the values they must respect.

The Campus Master Plan replaces the previous one, which was updated several times and served from 2001 until now.

Guiding principles

To provide a concrete spatial vision of Concordia’s next-generation university, five guiding principles in the language of urban design have been identified as the fundamental components that form the basis of the Campus Master Plan.

A minimalist blue line sketch of a building.

Dialog with the city

A blue bicycle against a black background, showcasing its sleek design and contrasting colors.


A pink line drawing of a city building, showcasing its architectural details and vibrant color scheme.

Institutional development

A blue open book with a white outline, showcasing its inviting pages and elegant design.

Teaching & research

A minimalist red line sketch of a bench and a lamp post in a serene setting.

Campus life


While the guiding principles relate to physical space and its use, these five filters are fundamental considerations that Concordia must apply whenever it seeks to improve campus spaces.

A stylized tree with branches spreading out, symbolizing growth, harmony and the interconnectedness of life.

Indigenous Decolonization

A green line outline of people in a group, representing unity and togetherness.


A green plant with arrows highlighting it.


Heartbeat logo with a red line symbolizing vitality and urgency.

Health & well-being

Logo for Concordia University: a vibrant, dynamic design representing creativity, culture, and artistic expression.

Concordia Identity


The approach used to elaborate and implement the Campus Master Plan is part of a strategic and concerted process integrated with the City of Montreal's regulatory and planning mechanisms.

Concordia established a close collaboration with the city at the outset of the project to align the university's strategy and policies with those of the city and its boroughs regarding development projects, planning initiatives and regulations.

A consultation and communication process has supported the plan at every stage to ensure the formulation of a collective vision consistent with the ambitions of the Concordia community.

Informing, validating, engaging and providing feedback has been at the heart of the process.


Portrait of the campuses today
Planning and development orientations
In progress
Campus development scenarios
In progress
Validation of the Campus Master Plan

Read the executive summaries of the initial phases:

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