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Concordia Council on Student Life (CCSL) funded projects

The following projects were approved funding for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Art History Graduate Student Association logo

29th Annual History in the Making Conference

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: History in the Making, Graduate History Students Association

History in the Making (HitM) is a conference organized for graduate students by graduate students from Concordia’s Department of History to provide young scholars from within the Concordia community and North America with the opportunity to present their research on a given topic of their choosing.

40th Annual Troitsky Bridge Building Competition

Awarded $2,250
Applicant: Troitsky Bridge Building Competition Organizing Committee

Troitsky Bridge Building Competition is a competitive event held at Concordia. Open to all bachelor’s in engineering students, the competition consists of designing and building a model bridge out of ONLY popsicle sticks, toothpicks, white glue and dental floss. Participating teams of engineering students come from universities across Canada and the United States.

À flots magazine

Awarded $971
Applicant: individual

À flots, a multidisciplinary and multilingual art magazine primarily showcasing the works of Concordia students. We are first and foremost focused on fostering a community of artists across disciplines, on putting their different works in dialogue with one another and bridging the gaps that may exist between the different art communities that exist on campus.

À Première Vue

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

À première vue is a short-film which guides the viewer through a cinematic journey, prompting reflection on themes of judgment, appearance, and the subtleties of everyday life.

Science College Student Association logo

Acessible Arcade

Awarded $800
Applicant: Concordia Games Club

A free and open to use arcade game cabinet with a variety of games to play to form spontaneous connections with other students.

After Marketing

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: John Molson Marketing Association (JMMA)

The “After Marketing” event allows marketing students to learn about marketing opportunities by offering interactive workshops that explore different career paths that are hosted by either Concordia alumni or industry professionals. 

AHGSA 2024 Annual Conference

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: Art History Graduate Student Association

The 16th annual AHGSA conference offers students time and space to connect with one another personally and professionally through a showcase of Concordia’s creative community, student panel presentations, workshops, performances, and presentation opportunities in low-pressure and peer-centered environments. 

'-and it's just because i love you' QTBIPOC Artist Residency

Awarded $2,500
Applicant: individual

'-and it's just because i love you' QTBIPOC Artist Residency offers Concordia's QTBIPOC students a collaborative creative experience at Eastern Bloc, Cyber Love Hotel, and Fonderie Darling. Prioritizing networking between current and former Concordia students and artist-run centers, it fosters valuable connections and community within the QTBIPOC artistic community.

Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference (AGIC)

Awarded $600
Applicant: individual

The 29th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference (AGIC), themed "Interconnected Realities: Intersections of Religions, Cultures, and Contemporary Social Challenges," welcomes scholars and artists to delve into these complex relationships. Our aim is to facilitate meaningful interactions among both emerging and seasoned scholars and artists, as we have done in previous years.

Art Matters Facilitator Budget Increase

Awarded $1,800
Applicant: Art Matters Festival

Increasing facilitator budgets for Art Matters elevates student exhibitions, reflecting Concordia's commitment to artistic excellence. Additional funding supports student and professional development, promotes sustainability, and enhances Concordia's art community reputation locally and beyond

Art Matters Merchandise Workshop 2024 

Awarded $750
Applicant: Art Matters

The Art Matters Merchandise Workshop 2024 invites participants to craft personalized linocut prints featuring the festival's logo and personal decorative elements. This hands-on approach not only enhances the festival's identity but also provides a unique, personalized experience for each attendee. 

Badgers Sett

Awarded $500
Applicant: Engineering Games

The Badgers Sett Competition entails not only the development of a sustainable funding model but also the ongoing engagement and retention of participants. The competition's ability to foster creativity and entrepreneurship among engineering students depends on its ability to overcome these challenges.

Concordia SAE logo

Beyond Waste: Innovations in Plastic Upcycling

Awarded $1,383
Applicant: CEED Concordia

The ‘Beyond Waste: Innovations in Plastic Upcycling’ event will consist of a panel discussion featuring four actors in sustainability within Concordia as well as a Ugandan social enterprise transforming plastic waste. Speakers will include members from CEED Concordia, Takataka Plastics, Concordia Precious Plastics (CP3), and Concordia University Center for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) whom all work towards similar goals: limiting and upcycling plastic waste with creating both educational and work opportunities in sustainability.

Black Women in STEM Documentary Screening

Awarded $918
Applicant: individual

This documentary seeks to explore black women in STEM, the issues they may face, and what they believe are barriers for black women to enter STEM fields. It will also serve as proof of representation that black women can have very successful careers in STEM fields. We wish to bring awareness to the topic of this documentary and hope the insights of these women will help inspire students.

BSCD Networking Events and Conference

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: Black Students Career Development

The project consist of  two networking events. The intent is to help black students connect with professionals from various industries. It begins with a panel, helping the black students connect to the realities of the professional world emotionally and follows with a networking session.

Casa Cares Fashion Show 2024

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: Casa Cares

Casa Cares' 21st Fashion Show, led by Concordia students, supports the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. This event provides students with organizational experience while raising funds and awareness for vital hospital services. All proceeds from the show contribute to the foundation's charitable efforts.

Cage Culture

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

"Cage Culture" enriches student life by providing practical filmmaking experience, nurturing hands-on skills for production students. It aims to offer a fresh perspective on public perception of artists, challenging conventional views and fostering critical thinking among participants.

Concordia SAE logo

Canadian International Rover Challenge

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: Space Concordia Robotics Division

The challenege provides hands-on experience and allows members to exercise their knowledge from classes into a project where they can see direct results. 

Catalyst - MDes showcase event 2024

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: MDes Student Organization

Catalyst - 2024 Masters of Design graduating students’ showcase event is a week-long exhibition which consists of workshops, panels and vernissages for a diverse audience, including students, faculty, and industry professionals.

CFR 24 Accumulator

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: Concordia Formula Racing Society of Automotive Engineers

The formula team provides students with an equal opportunity to participate in a hands-on project where they can apply knowledge acquired in class in a practical setting. Furthermore, the scope of the project provides the opportunity for students to go beyond class material when it comes to learning complex engineering concepts.

Chrysalis: The Superstar Plaza Edition

Awarded $3,000
Applicant: Chrysalis Organizers

CHRYSALIS: The Superstar Plaza Edition will consist of a one-night drag and burlesque showcase, dance, and fundraiser that highlights the voices and talent of 2SLGBTQIA+ Concordia students and community members. We aim to cultivate a safe, inclusive and accessible nightlife space.

CIADI Special Projects, CR-24

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: individual

This project allows engineering students to get hands-on experience on a big-scale engineering project. The experience and knowledge acquired include design, manufacturing, and project management.

Clothing Exchange

Awarded $500
Applicant: individual

Our group project aims to shift perspectives on fashion, prompting individuals to consider their connection beyond mere consumption. We aspire to make sustainability the fashion trend, offering a toolkit and infographics, developed in collaboration with loom and textile art teams.

Community Building Furniture Design Project

Awarded $2,250
Applicant: Design Arts Student Alliance, DASA

We seek to incentivize Design students to design and build sustainable furniture to be placed around the EV building's 5th, 6th and 8th floors. This initiative would be a great way to bring people together from different programs/disciplines so they may share knowledge, discuss ideas, network, and foster a collaborative relationship. 

Concordia Baja Racing

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: Concordia Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE

Concordia Baja Racing is a team within Concordia SAE which spans 33 members and endeavors to design, manufacture, and race single seater off-road buggies. This project allows all the members of the team to gain invaluable industry experience. The team creates from the ground up an all-terrain vehicle ready to race in a multitude of competitions.

Space Concordia Spacecraft Division logo

Concordia Concrete Toboggan Team

Awarded $1,250
Applicant: Concordia Concrete Toboggan Team

The Concrete Toboggan Project is a unique opportunity for students to design, build, and race a toboggan with a running surface made of concrete. This project is not just about the competition; it's a comprehensive educational experience. Students will be involved in every aspect of the project, from initial design to final execution, including material selection, structural analysis, safety assessments, and marketing.

Concordia Ethnography Lab Film Nights

Awarded $900
Applicant: individual

The Film Night Series will be held monthly, targeting a mid-week evening to provide a welcome break from the usual academic routine. Each event will feature a screening of a film by a Quebec filmmaker, followed by a Q&A session with the film's creator or an expert in the film's subject matter. The selection of films will aim to cover a diverse range of topics and genres, appealing to a broad audience and sparking varied discussions.

Concordia Film Festival 51

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: Concordia Film Festival 

The Concordia Film Festival (CFF) is run by students, for students, creating a platform for young filmmakers from Concordia and the globe to share their stories and provides professional opportunities for students to organize and develop a professional calibre film festival. The Concordia Film Festival aims to connect Concordia cinema students with limitless opportunities, both locally in Montreal, and beyond, on a national and international stage.

CUTV logo

Concordia Gender Health Hub

Awarded $6,000
Applicant: Concordia Student Union

The Gender Health Hub aims to improve access to gender-inclusive care for Concordia students, focusing on marginalized communities. It combines existing resources with new initiatives like affordable clinics and support groups, facilitated by an Instagram directory. Funding will launch vital services, fostering a supportive, inclusive health network on campus.

Concordia Psychology Journals 2023

Awarded $600
Applicant: individual

The Cognitive Journal of Psychology Network (CJPN) targets undergraduate and graduate students in Concordia University's Psychology Department, aiming to enhance their science communication, writing, and reviewing skills. CJPN provides unique opportunities to publish research, navigate peer review, and collaborate on manuscripts, offering valuable experiences for future careers and graduate studies.

Concordia SAE AeroDesign

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: Concordia SAE

Hands-on experience in aerospace field, develop knowledge/skills outside of classes, netwroking opportunity.

Sustainable Concordia logo

Concordia Undergraduate Research in Economics

Awarded $750
Applicant: Economic Student Society

We at the ESS believe, as do many Concordians, that research is an effective way to deepen and solidify our understanding of certain topics of interest. It allows students to apply the material they’ve been taught and test hypotheses that they’ve developed. Perhaps most importantly, it helps build skillsets needed in industry or for higher education.

Concrete Canoe Team 2023-2024

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: Concordia Concrete Canoe

The Concrete Canoe Team 2023-2024 is vital for us as university students, with securing funds being crucial. From AutoCAD to concrete mix testing, it empowers us with engineering skills, complemented by rowing training and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Connect to la Perle des Antilles - Round table talk

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: Haitian Student Association 

The event "Connect to La Perle des Antilles" is a round table talk hosted by the Haitian Student Association for Black History Month. This event aims to help students connect with their roots, learn about Haitian culture and provide networking opportunity, allowing students to engage with guest speakers during the second part of the event.

CSBN research symposium

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: individual

The symposium features a data blitz for graduate students and post-docs to showcase Concordia research, alongside a poster session for undergraduates and graduates to present neuroscience projects to faculty and invited speakers. This inclusive format cultivates presentation skills and facilitates learning through feedback and expert lectures.

EMP job fair

Awarded $1,000

Applicant: John Molson International Business Association (JMIBA)

Beyond the traditional job fair experience, this project serves as a transformative force in enhancing student life. Through internships and networking, students gain valuable skills and diverse career insights. Inclusivity ensures equal opportunities for all, fostering empowered individuals prepared for success in academia and beyond.


Awarded $1,000
Applicant: Engineering and Commerce Case Competition

ENGCOMM, the Engineering and Commerce Case Competition, fosters student life by uniting engineering and commerce disciplines. Through solving real-world challenges, students gain invaluable experience outside the classroom, enhancing academic journeys and preparing for the professional world. ENGCOMM promotes problem-solving, networking, and personal growth, bridging academic and career realms at Concordia University.

John Molson International Committee logo

Enggames Robowars Team

Awarded $750
Applicant: Engineering Games Concordia

The Engineering Games Concordia, a collective of engineering students, participates in various competitions annually. We are gearing up to compete in Robowars, hosted by IEEE. Teams will deploy fully automatic robots to push opponents out of a circular arena, akin to Japan's Robot-sumo competition.

Estran – CURE Concordia

Awarded $3,000
Applicant: Community-University Research Exchange at Concordia (CURE)

CURE's research reveals a need for accessible trans health tools. We're creating Estran, a web app for youth to find approved professionals and for organizations to maintain listings' quality. With support from Concordia students and the community, we're proud to address this crucial need.

FASA Black History Semester

Awarded $4,000
Applicant: Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

The Black History Semester initiative aims to enrich student life by hosting free, accessible events on campus. It provides opportunities for marginalized communities to engage in Concordia's Fine Arts Community. Through extensive collaboration, this large-scale project fosters intra-community connections, reaching students across diverse faculties and disciplines.

Feminist Futures in Law: Student-Run Panel

Awarded $1,750
Applicant: individual

Feminist Futures in Law: Student-Run Panel empowers participants to envision their role in reshaping conventional legal perspectives. Attendees gain resources and career insights, fostering community connections with like-minded professionals. This event cultivates a supportive environment for students to explore their career paths and advocate for feminist principles in the legal field.

Fashion Showpao: Gala Fundraiser

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: Filipino Organization of Concordia University Students

The Fashion Showpao: Gala Fundraiser aims to enrich the student experience at Concordia University by celebrating cultural diversity. Students can immerse themselves in Concordia and Montreal's vibrant culture, fostering a deeper appreciation of their heritage. Moreover, the event provides a platform for Filipino students and alumni to connect, fostering community and unity.

Forêt Curieux - presentation and panel discussion

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

"Forêt Curieux" presents a presentation and panel discussion focusing on anticolonial curriculums, with compensation provided to students and Indigenous knowledge holders by CCSL and Indigenous advisors by the Canada Council Sector Innovation Grant. Through collaborative efforts across Concordia faculties, these curriculums aim to foster sustainability and reparative action, moving beyond mere reconciliation discourse.

From Palette to Plate: Art Hive and Cooking Workshop for Enhancing Student Connections and Food Quality

Awarded $5,000
Applicant: individual

Our event follows the Art Hive methodology, using art creation and sharing to foster communication, therapy, and mental well-being. Participants begin by engaging in creative activities, sharing their work, and discussing concepts. Then, they embark on a cooking journey, preparing culturally rooted dishes together. Sharing and tasting these dishes fosters cultural exchange and prompts conversation about shared lifestyle concerns and solutions for common challenges among students.

Fusion Exhibition, 2024 DCART year-end show

Awarded $1,700
Applicant: individual

The DART/CART year-end show at Concordia University is a milestone for undergraduate students in Design and Computational Arts. Under the theme "FUSION," final-year students showcase their artistic practices, merging traditional and digital art forms in an immersive exhibition featuring digital installations, prints, and interactive media works.


Awarded $600
Applicant: Hypotheses

Hypothèses is an interuniversity lecture series for art history graduate students, fostering dialogue and showcasing emerging research. Conferences feature student presentations and discussions moderated by guest professors. The accompanying podcast series, Annexes, explores research relevance and methodologies, providing vital opportunities for emerging art historians in Montreal.

Painting and Drawing Student Association logo


Awarded $1,250
Applicant: Enactus Concordia

ID 8 aims to enlighten students by spreading new ideas and challenging the status quo. Through innovation, inspiration, and creativity, we seek opportunities to break away from conventional thinking and foster personal and intellectual growth among participants.

IEEE Concordia Team Remote Controlled Car

Awarded $750
Applicant: IEEE Concordia

The IEEE Concordia Team Remote Controlled Car project aims to build a sophisticated RC car with advanced features. This educational endeavor offers hands-on experience in electronics, software, and mechanical engineering, fostering teamwork and skill development among over 40 team members.

Independent Study Sculpture Exhibition

Awarded $850
Applicant: SCUL-451 Group Show

Independent Study in Sculpture evolved into curating a collective exhibition at Espace Loulou. We navigate rentals, grants, and installation to showcase collaborative work, fostering connections between Concordia Fine Arts students and Montreal's art community through community-focused workshops.

Jeux de la Science Politique delegation (2024)

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: Jeux de la Science Politique

The Jeux de la Science Politique delegation (2024) features six academic games to assess students' political science proficiency and enhance critical thinking skills. This competition motivates participants to apply knowledge in real-world scenarios, promoting deeper subject understanding and academic growth through direct engagement with their field of study.

CESSA logo

JMSM 27th Sports Confernce

Awarded $500
Applicant: John Molson Sports Marketing (JMSM)

The JMSM 27th Sports Conference provides Concordia and North American students with opportunities to expand sports business knowledge, network with professionals, and volunteer for practical experience. Reduced rates include accommodation, panel sessions, networking, and meals, fostering valuable connections and practical skills development in the industry.

John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC)

JMUCC enriches student life by fostering academic growth and practical skill development through real-world business case analysis. It promotes critical thinking, teamwork, and collaboration, preparing students for the professional world. Networking opportunities with peers and industry professionals enhance the overall university experience.

LACTS Production of Twelve Angry Men

Awarded $500
Applicant: Liberal Arts College Theatre Society 

LACTS presents a production of "Twelve Angry Men" as part of the Liberal Arts Theatre Society. Inclusive to all Liberal Arts College students, our cast of 14 members will perform at Mainline Theatre from March 4th to 9th, offering a compelling theatrical experience for our community.

Marontate - recording and promotion of album "Hold Fast"

Awarded $500
Applicant: individual

"Marontate" project "Hold Fast" album recording and promotion engages Concordia students in production, recording, and asset creation outside of school. All aspects, including recording, mixing, mastering, photography, and video production, involve Concordia students, enhancing their skills and experience beyond the classroom.

Maundy Thursday - A Conference of Theological Studies

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

"Maundy Thursday: A Conference of Theological Studies" provides a platform for students in theological and related fields to present thoroughly researched topics. This event fosters engagement with academic and broader communities, showcasing students' research skills and encouraging dialogue within their field and beyond.

Space Concordia logo

Meet a Mentor

Awarded $3,000
Applicant: John Molson Women in Leadership (JMWL)

"Meet a Mentor" streamlines mentorship for women students via tailored pairing based on interests like entrepreneurship. Surveys ensure precise matches, removing barriers to formal programs and offering pivotal advice. This initiative fosters impactful mentorship experiences, empowering mentees through accessible networking and insightful conversations.

Mimi au Pays du Métal

Awarded $500
Applicant: individual

"Mimi au Pays du Métal" enhances Concordia's student life by involving cinema and art students, offering learning opportunities. Screening at Concordia Film Festival makes art accessible, showcasing talents and promoting feminist empowerment. The film raises awareness of workplace power dynamics, fostering engagement within the student body and contributing to cinema's diversification.

National Society of Black Engineers Concordia Chapter

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: National Society of Black Engineers Concordia Chapter

The National Society of Black Engineers Concordia Chapter offers students access to global companies, facilitating networking, employment, and internship opportunities.

Persian New Year Egg Paint

Awarded $905
Applicant: individual

For the Persian New Year, Iranian families set up a special table with items representing the start of the new year. One of those items is painted eggs, which stand for fertility. We want to throw a fun get-together to bring Iranians together. We will paint some eggs, and enjoy tea and snacks to get into the Persian New Year vibes.

CURE Concordia logo

Programming Competitions

Awarded $500
Applicant: Software Engineering and Computer Science Society (SCS)

Programming Competitions offer students a chance to delve into diverse industry sectors, including cybersecurity, AI, web development, and hardware, promoting Concordia's reputation as an innovative hub. These events foster critical thinking, talent showcase, and skill enhancement, empowering members to gain valuable experience, improve technical skills, and foster academic camaraderie.

Ramadan Iftar Meals 2024

Awarded $2,500
Applicant: Muslim Student Association 

Ramadan Iftar Meals 2024 aims to offer free meals to 150 students per weekday throughout the holy month of Ramadan, excluding weekends. Providing sustenance for Muslim students to break their fast after 13 hours, we aim to foster a sense of community and inclusivity within Concordia's Muslim student population.

Refractions: Journal of Postcolonial Cultural Criticism

Awarded $500
Applicant: individual

"Refractions: Journal of Postcolonial Cultural Criticism" bridges Environmental Humanities and Postcolonial Studies, providing a platform for Concordia's academic community. Featuring creative reflections and essays, it enriches cultural studies discourse. Strong momentum within the English Department attracts graduate students, fostering interdisciplinary engagement and academic growth.


Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

RIPA (Rencontre Interuniversitaire de Performance Actuelle) annually promotes emerging performance practices in Quebec, fostering experimentation and visibility for hosted artists. In its 13th edition, RIPA continues its vital role in developing performance art networks, facilitating exchanges between emerging and established artists, and engaging diverse audiences in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal for 12 years.

"Karmoolak" Theater Show

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: IRANSA Association

The Karmoolak Theater Show, in collaboration with the IRANSA association at Concordia University, directly addresses the profound impact of the recent disastrous events in Iran on the mental health of Iranian students. It aims to offer solace, promote dialogue, and foster a supportive community, encouraging Iranian students to find strength and resilience through shared laughter and reflection.

Women in Engineering logo

SC-FREYR Engineering Models

Awarded $750
Applicant: Space Concordia Spacecraft Division

The SC-FREYR Engineering Models project by Space Concordia aims to create models for their innovative satellite with AI fire recognition and space yeast research missions. As part of CUBICS, it offers valuable skill development opportunities, showcasing the team's expertise acquired through Spacecraft Division experience.

Sustainability Action Fund logo

School Schmool

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: QPIRG Concordia

School Schmool serves as a vital introduction to services, groups, and activism opportunities for students at Concordia and McGill. It profiles organizations like Sustainable Concordia, The Frigo Vert, and community groups in Montreal, providing support, event participation, and engagement avenues. With articles on health, social services, and current affairs, it informs and empowers students.

Yiara Magazine logo

Screening Event: Tautuktavuk (What We See)

Awarded $700
Applicant: Cinema Politica Concordia

The Tautuktavuk (What We See) Screening Event offers unique access to a film addressing vital issues in Inuit communities. Students gain insight and actionable steps through Q&A sessions with directors and collaborations with local organizations. It fosters connections with activists and non-profits, encouraging engagement in social justice.

Seriously, Maggie

Awarded $425
Applicant: individual

A student film where female representation holds thematic significance with a mostly-female cast, the dealing of prominent issues women face, and the emphasis on the beauty of female friendship.

Series of Guest speakers about Apartheid

Awarded $1,020
Applicant: Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, a series of guest speakers at Concordia to educate students about apartheid. Renowned advocates for equality will discuss apartheid's repercussions. These events aim to raise awareness about global injustices and inspire action within Montreal and Concordia.

Social Business Case Competition

Awarded $500
Applicant: International Community Outreach Program

ICOP presents the Social Business Case Competition, providing graduate business students with exposure to social business issues. Bridging business education with NGOs in developing countries, challenges over 80 students to apply coursework skills to solve social issues and enhance communities from a not-for-profit perspective.

Yiara Magazine logo

Spacecraft Day

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: Space Concordia - Spacecraft Day

Spacecraft Day offers students a unique chance to explore the space sector. Through workshops and panels, they gain insights into satellite creation and coding. The event aims to make the industry accessible, providing valuable work experience and expanding horizons beyond classrooms.

Student Film - Have You Seen This Fish?

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

"Have You Seen This Fish?" is a student film project fostering hands-on experience and sustainable filmmaking practices at Concordia. Our aim is to integrate sustainability into the film department by adopting industry-standard codes, establishing circular supply systems, and documenting results in a production coordination guide for future students' benefit.

Yiara Magazine logo

The Business Beyond Tomorrow Conference

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: The John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee (JSEC)

The Business Beyond Tomorrow Conference (BBT) connects students with industry leaders and faculty, bridging academic knowledge with practical sustainability practices. Through networking and eco-conscious initiatives, BBT inspires students to champion sustainability, enhancing their personal and professional lives.

Through All the Moving Colours

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

"Through All the Moving Colours" is a short film that explors the intersection of art and technology. This dynamic experience delves into the ever-changing nature of human perception, inviting audiences to engage with a kaleidoscope of visuals and sounds that challenge conventional boundaries of expression and interpretation.

Time in a Bottle: Symposium and Research Creation for a Socially Generative Use of Nostalgia

Awarded $750
Applicant: individual

"Time in a Bottle" Symposium and Research Creation cultivates a socially generative use of nostalgia at the 4TH SPACE. Concordia students connect with peers through shared passions, lowering barriers to their first symposium. This platform showcases academic work, fostering lasting friendships and memories essential for their academic and research journey.

Yiara Magazine logo


Awarded $500
Applicant: Gina Cody School Entrepreneurship Society (GCES)

"UpStart" offers an ideal platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and creative minds to develop projects. Participants engage with like-minded peers and industry professionals for mentorship. The event includes sponsor booths for networking and culminates in a wine and cheese gathering, fostering connections among participants, mentors, and sponsors.

Yiara Magazine logo

Uzuri Gala

Awarded $3,000
Applicant: African Student Association at Concordia (ASAC)

The Uzuri Gala draws interest and attendance from students across universities such as McGill, UdeM, and UQUAM, despite its primary impact on Concordia students. This cross-university engagement not only enriches cultural interactions but also underscores the significance of Uzuri as a unifying cultural event within the broader academic community.

Voices of Resistance: Anti-Imperialism, Decolonization, and Peace - A Unique Anti-War Statement Event

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: individual

"Voices of Resistance: Anti-Imperialism, Decolonization, and Peace" empowers students through film screenings and panel discussions, fostering critical thinking and understanding of global issues. Participants explore diverse perspectives, analyze historical events, and engage with the complexities of anti-imperialism and decolonization.

Wheek Flesh

Awarded $500
Applicant: individual

"Wheek Flesh" unites 13 Concordia students across majors in a collaborative filmmaking endeavor. Mainly featuring Concordia students, the project provided invaluable hands-on experience and skill expansion. Seeking funding for self-distribution to overcome the distribution challenge often faced by student films, we aim to showcase our creativity and inspire others globally.

Workshopping Sustainability

Awarded $2,225
Applicant: Concordia Ceramics Student Association (CCSA)

"Workshopping Sustainability" at Concordia promotes community and raises awareness through hands-on ceramics workshops. Emphasizing eco-friendly alternatives to plastics, like ceramic vessels, the project fosters practical sustainability. Held in diverse campus locations, it encourages student interaction across departments, prioritizing equity and inclusion in its approach.

Yiara Magazine logo

Yiara Volume 11 Reprint & Stickers

Awarded $500
Applicant: Yiara Magazine

Yiara Volume 11 Reprint & Stickers amplifies intersectional feminism in art through essays, artworks, and interviews. It challenges art historical norms, honors women of the past, and empowers student voices. By fostering critical dialogue on gender and identity, Yiara enriches the artistic and scholarly community with diverse perspectives and insights.

Yiara Magazine logo

Yiara volume 12 Vernissage

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: Yiara Magazine

Yiara Volume 12 Vernissage marks twelve years of the Concordia club, celebrating bilingual feminist publication in art and art history. Bridging French and English universities, Yiara uplifts marginalized voices. Participants learn submission, editing, and publishing, plus grant writing and event planning. The event showcases Volume 12 and exhibits featured artworks, promoting the magazine's mission.

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