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Concordia Council on Student Life (CCSL) funded projects

The following projects were approved funding for fall 2021

24th Annual Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Research Conference (CBGRC)

Awarded $500
Applicant: Graduate Conference Organizing Committee

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Research Conference is an annual event that allows graduate students from various universities to present their research and introduces them to new research by peers in different scientific domains. The CBGRC is now in its 24th year and has impacted graduate students at Concordia University by presenting a safe environment to improve their presentation skills as well as provide networking possibilities with peers from different universities and experts in the field.

Bishop Street Volume 2

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

This is the second volume of a peer-reviewed journal published by the graduate students of the Department of Theological Studies. A goal of the journal is to receive papers for publishing from the other handful of theology and related departments across the province of Quebec to further show the relevancy of the field.

Canadian Youth Film Festival

Awarded $430
Applicant: individual

The Canadian Youth Film Festival is the first national festival for films by elementary and high school students. This project engages the student body in both an educational and a cultural context. This project is a great opportunity for art education students to take part in the festival during their teaching internships with their students.

AUS logo

Collaborative Sculpture & Exhibition

Awarded $4,000
Applicant: Association Undergraduate Sculpture (AUS)

In fall 2021, AUS will encourage all undergraduate students to form an artist collective. Throughout the year, the participants will collaborate towards the creation of large artworks with a focus on sustainability. In spring 2022, the artworks will be exhibited in a culturally meaningful building or outdoor location in Montreal.

Computer Love

Awarded $3,000
Applicant: individual

Living Water Assembly is an artist collective/organization whose purpose is to foster a community of like-minded artists who wish to explore a variety of mediums in art and sound. To obtain this goal, we will host a series of events that will showcase artists across many different disciplines of art. This project will provide an opportunity for queer and BIPOC artists from the electroacoustic and experimental music fields as well as other interdisciplinary artists to exhibit and perform their work in an intimate and affordable off-campus venue.

Concordia Annual Research Review for Individualized Studies in Humanities

Awarded $951
Applicant: individual

The primary objective of this project is to establish an annual, peer-reviewed academic journal for the publication of student research operated by and for Concordia students. Calls for publication will be open to Concordia University humanities students. This project gives Concordia students the opportunity to contribute to generating academic research as authors, readers and publication facilitators.

Concordia SAE logo

Concordia Baja Racing

Awarded $3,000
Applicant: Concordia SAE

The Concordia Baja Racing team within Concordia SAE includes over 25 members and endeavors to design, manufacture and race single-seater off-road buggies. This year, the team is manufacturing a new all-wheel drive vehicle in which every subsystem has undergone a full redesign. Concordia Baja Racing provides real-life experience to engineering students which complements the theoretical elements of their courses and better prepares them for working in the industry.

CCTT logo

Concordia Concrete Toboggan Team (CCTT)

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: individual

The CCTT plans to represent Concordia at the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) competition, the largest and longest running Canadian undergraduate engineering competition. The team consists of 30+ students from almost all engineering departments. The competition involves designing and manufacturing a toboggan with reinforced concrete skis, a structural frame, and braking and steering systems.

Concordia SAE logo

Custom Designed Welded Electric Formula Chassis

Awarded $2,500
Applicant: Concordia Formula SAE

This project is part of the Concordia Formula SAE team's push towards a fully electric car. This chassis will go to competitions for the next two years as part of the team's push towards electrification. The chassis is a custom design that will be professionally welded. The project will directly benefit the students participating on the team by giving them the opportunity to attend competitions and demonstrate their skills to industry employers.

Elder in Residence & Missing Justice Advisory Circle

Awarded $3,000
Applicant: individual

The Elder in Residence and Missing Justice Advisory Circle is an inaugural program that will offer continued and appropriate leadership for our Missing Justice Vigils as well as cultural, educational and land-based teachings from an Elder. The Elder in Residence enhances student life as it offers an opportunity for students to learn about Indigenous practices, protocols, and current issues in ways that are accurate, culturally safe and appropriate.


Engineering & Commerce Case Competition (ENGCOMM)

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: ENGCOMM

ENGCOMM is the world's only student-led multidisciplinary CASE competition whose mission is to build communication bridges in the workforce of tomorrow by hosting a forum for business and engineering students to collaboratively find solutions to challenges that are presented by our corporate partners. These challenges involve cutting-edge technology, process management, sustainability, economics and feasibility. By involving business and engineering students, the solutions are thought to be environmentally sustainable but also cost-effective with a positive impact on society and the Concordia community.

Concordia Engineering Games Society logo

Engineering Games Competitions

Awarded $4,000
Applicant: Concordia Engineering Games Society

The main purpose of our society is to compete in the Quebec Engineering Games. This project gives students the opportunity to get real experience with all types of engineering: robotics, consulting, programming, entrepreneurship, academic exams, and even other events that are not necessarily engineering-related (like trivia, debates, improv and sports), but still allow students to expand their knowledge and develop new skills. We provide tutorials, workshops and practice competitions to better ameliorate the training of our delegates or those interested in the academic, cultural, entrepreneurship, and/or robotics.

Concordia Mycological Society logo

Foraging Excursion & Mushroom Events

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: Concordia Mycological Society

This project is a combination of different activities to provide students with enriching, educational events surrounding mycology as a subject. These activities also help connect students in the Concordia community and become familiar with a unique and increasingly relevant topic.

CUTV logo

Grassroot Video Journalism 101

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: CUTV

CUTV Concordia is hosting its inaugural Grassroots Video Journalism 101 program for Concordia students in November 2021. This program, overseen by professional journalists and media professionals from CUTV and The Breach such as Martin Lukacs will provide students with the necessary tools to cover grassroots topics in the community. This program will give students the opportunity to produce their own coverage under the supervision of elite independent journalists in Canada.

Space Concordia Spacecraft Division logo

Ground Station

Awarded $2,500
Applicant: Space Concordia Spacecraft Division

This project consists of building a Ground station for the Canadian CubeSat Challenge. In 2022, Concordia will be launching our first-ever satellite into orbit. However, in order to communicate with the satellite, we will need a ground station. The project will allow students to gain hands-on experience of a real space mission. The ground station will help promote STEM education and space for the youth and general public.


Awarded $800
Applicant: individual

Hypotheses is an inter-university symposia series, currently preparing its 2021–2022 season. From October to April, the organizing committee will present six conferences, each of which showcases the research of two art history graduate students, and is followed by a discussion moderated by a guest professor. The conferences provide graduate students from Concordia a platform to discuss and get feedback on their research. 

Jeux de la science politique 2022 délégation de Concordia

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

Les Jeux de la science politique is a French academic competition between political science faculties across Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick universities. There are six academic disciplines such as quiz, debate, academic case, negotiation, speech and political journalism. There is also one sport discipline (basketball, flagfootball, bubble soccer, acrosport or kickball).

John Molson International Committee logo

John Molson International Committee Language Program

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: John Molson International Committee (JIC)

The JIC's Language Program is a program made to help students learn new languages. Part of it involves tutoring, wherein Concordia students who know a foreign language can be paid to tutor other Concordia students looking to learn that language. This project gives students the opportunity to learn a new language with other students on their own time and at their own pace. It also brings students from different programs and cultures together for a fun learning experience.


Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

(RE)Configure consists of an exhaustive research project that focuses on dealing with our corporal interaction with cloth both physically and psychologically. Steering away from trends, chain-production and waste, this project deals with interpersonal connections, reclaiming real human bodies, personality as creative axis, zero-waste patternmaking, and natural dyeing. It creates a starting ground for students to develop further and more specified dyeing techniques and devices.

Refractions: A Journal of Postcolonial Cultural Criticism

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: individual

Refractions is an academic journal and online forum for Concordia’s English Literature graduate community, wider community and junior scholars working at the intersections of Postcolonial and Cultural Studies. It is interdisciplinary in scope and form, including (but not limited to) academic articles, opinion pieces and a podcast.

CESSA logo


Awarded $1,500
Applicant: Concordia Electroacoustic Studies Student Association (CESSA)

Resonating is a series of events intended to promote curiosity, engagement and transdisciplinary thinking; to spur inspirational resonances; and to encourage bridge-building between disciplinary divides both at Concordia and abroad. Students who attend these events will find inspiration, guidance, and collaborative and creative opportunities and encouragement, access to a deeper and broader community that bridges disciplinary gaps, and an enhanced sense of professional agency.

Concordia SAE logo

SAE Aero Design East

Awarded $2,000
Applicant: Concordia SAE Aero Design

Concordia SAE Aero is an engineering student society that designs and manufactures remote controlled aircraft, where we compete each year in international competitions. The Concordia SAE Aero team of over 30 active members also provides undergraduate and graduate students with high quality, hands-on experience in engineering and project management. The project gives the students the opportunity to acquire real-life engineering experience by actively participating in a design, manufacturing and testing cycle from the beginning to the end.

FOCUS logo


Awarded $2,135
Applicant: Filipino Organization of Concordia University Students (FOCUS)

SHOWPAO is a youth-led event to be hosted by FOCUS on May 28, 2021, at Club Soda. Their mandate is to celebrate talent, entrepreneurship, and organizational development through a marketplace, a vernissage, a cultural showcase, and a mini-documentary series featuring the different victories and struggles of Filipinxs in Montreal.

Artificial Intelligence Concordia logo

Social & Environmental Impact R&D Mentorship Program

Awarded $12,000
Applicant: Artificial Intelligence Concordia

More than 200 talented and diverse students supported by leading mentors in their fields will come together over eight weeks to collaborate and build proof of concepts such as Deaf AI that can beneficially impact the lives of others. The event will prioritize inclusivity, bringing 75% participation from underrepresented groups in tech. Concordia students will have the opportunity to join a rigorous, free and accessible AI R&D program that enables cohort members to learn state-of-the-art skills through the process of creation while being mentored by experts in the field.

Space Concordia logo

Space Concordia Rocketry: Liquid Rocket

Awarded $11,000
Applicant: Space Concordia

The Space Concordia Rocketry team of 120+ students is working on a liquid fuel rocket for the Base 11 Competition. This project will set up an infrastructure where Concordia University will be able to conduct its own space missions from concept to touchdown, all within its own campus. This would allow physics students to perform experiments in zero-gravity environments, biologists to perform analysis on plants and bacteria in the vacuum of space, and artists to set their cameras to photograph the curvature of the earth.

SASU logo

Stories from Montreal

Awarded $1,000
Applicant: Sociology and Anthropology Student Union (SASU)

Stories from Montreal is an academic journal published by the Sociology and Anthropology Student Union (SASU) every academic year. This year, SASU is going to launch a digital magazine of the same name to showcase artworks, photography and much more from our talented students. Through Stories from Montreal, SASU publishes students’ work, helps students develop their voice, and highlights important issues through academic as well as artistic work.

Take the Leap! Make an Impact Program

Awarded $5,000
Applicant: iindividual

Take the Leap! Make an Impact is a program for students across all departments and levels of study to increase their clarity, engagement, resilience and well-being. Through synchronous and asynchronous activities over 12 weeks, they complete individual activities and group peer-mentoring sessions to explore their deeper purpose and create a future-focused growth-oriented plan. By serving a wide variety of students, Take the Leap can support their well-being through the angle of helping them define their core purpose. It does not solely focus on academic accomplishment but also on character development and well-being, identification of one’s unique principles, and anticipatory models for future growth and change grounded in purpose.

GCES logo

UpStart (by GCES)

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: Gina Cody School Entrepreneurship Society (GCES)

UpStart is an innovative entrepreneurship competition where students come together to learn new skills and entrepreneurial strategies. The goal is to create an intervarsity event where students from different backgrounds come together and turn an idea into reality. Participation in this event will help students educate themselves on the nuances of entrepreneurship, nurture their entrepreneurial skills by testing them out, and make valuable connections amongst themselves, with alumni and industry representatives.

Sustainability Action Fund logo

Winter Workshop Series

Awarded $3,000
Applicant: Sustainability Action Fund (SAF)

This is a series of educational and student community-building workshops hosted by SAF over the winter term in collaboration with several speakers and groups. This project will allow community building and networking opportunities for students on campus, while promoting the learning of hard and soft skills for students to create campus projects which will in turn enhance and improve student life at Concordia.

Yiara Magazine logo

Yiara Magazine Vol 10

Awarded $1,500
Applicant: Yiara Magazine

Yiara Magazine is an undergraduate-run feminist art and art history publication. Along with a print issue and end-of-year vernissage, they organize a variety of workshops, discussions and lectures, bringing together the larger student community of Montreal and creating an important dialogue on the issues raised by intersectional feminism.

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