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Locker rentals

Tired of hauling your books, coat, or gym gear around campus? It's time to rent a locker! You can choose a locker location by campus, building and floor.

Students can use the locker rental portal to rent, modify, renew or view a locker online. Find instructions for doing all this below:

Other ways to access the rental portal:

NOTE: If you are not a student and wish to rent a locker, sign up online or contact us at to make all necessary arrangements.

Renew or empty your locker

The deadline to renew or empty your locker is July 31. Don't forget to renew your locker before the deadline! 

Locker term

You can rent a locker for the September 1 to July 31 terms at any time.

The cost is normally not pro-rated and the term always ends July 31.

Rent a locker

Use the online locker rental portal

  1. Log in to the locker portal using your netname and password
  2. Click +New Rental
  3. Find Locker
    1. Select locker criteria (from building, floor, locker type) and click Search
    2. Available lockers will appear in the grid
    3. Select the preferred locker and click the Next button
  4. Rental Term and Payment
    1. Rental term details and cost appears
    2. Scroll to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
    3. Your must click in the I agree box to continue
    4. Enter credit card details
    5. Click Pay Now
    6. See confirmation that the locker was rented (and view the locker number and combination)

Rent additional lockers

Repeat the same steps as above.

Rental fees

All students

Locker type Regular price
Tall  $45
Half $35
Tall narrow $30

Fine Arts students

Locker type Regular price
Tall $50
Half $50
Deep half $50

JMSB PHD students

Locker type Regular price
Cube $25

Change your locker

You will not be charged an additional rental IF you change your locker within the first two weeks of the rental purchase date.

Steps to change your locker
Send an email to

  1. Indicate your name, Student ID number and locker number that you want to cancel. 
  2. Indicate the number and/or location for the new locker you wish to rent

We will rent the locker for you (no charge) so you will have only paid for one locker.
We will advise you once the new locker information appears on the locker application.

Important: Do not return to the old locker. If contents are not removed from the old locker within five days, all items will be discarded.

Renew a locker

Already have a locker? You can renew your existing locker rental for the next term at any time prior to the July 31 end date. This allows you to retain your locker for the month of August (free) throughout the next rental term.

Steps to renew a locker

  1. On the application's Student Home page, in the box where your locker appears, click Renew
  2. Select the Rental term
  3. Complete the payment process
  4. See confirmation that your locker was renewed (view rental end date)

Combination locks

Combination locks are included with the locker. You cannot use or place a personal lock on the lockers. Personal locks will be cut.

Steps to use the combination lock

First, you will receive a combination to open the lock. The combination will be a series of three numbers, for example, 25-11-33.

Firmly push the handles all the way into the base and follow the steps to open your lock:

  1. Turn three whole turns to the right and stop at the first number (e.g., 25)
  2. Turn one whole turn to the left, passing your first number, and stop at the second number (e.g., 11)
  3. Turn right and stop immediately at the last number (e.g., 33)

You can also check out the video on how to open a combination lock.

If you've followed the instructions and your lock still won't open, email We will schedule an appointment with you to verify and/or change the lock.

If we change the lock, the new combination number will be available in your locker data in the locker rental portal.

If you forget your combination, you can log on to your locker portal and select View my locker data.

If you cannot access your portal data, you (the person who registered for the locker) must present yourself at the Locker Services office, in person with ID, during regular business hours. You cannot send someone else on your behalf.

Please note that combination numbers will not be given over the phone or by email.

If you've watched the video on how to open a combination lock and the lock still does not open, your lock may have become defective.

Email us at with your name, student ID, locker number and lock serial number.

Someone will go on site to verify the lock. We will advise you once the new lock combination number appears in the locker rental application.

Once a rental date expires, all locker contents are immediately removed and discarded, and the lock is changed, as per the Locker Rental Terms and Agreement.

If your rental date had not expired and you cannot get into the locker:

  1. Email us at
  2. Indicate your name, student ID, locker number.
  3. We will verify your dossier, as well as the lock which may have become defective, and inform you accordingly.

The locker may have a double lock feature. 

Try to open the locker lift and pull the metal plate located just above the lock.

If this does not open your locker, email us at

  1. Indicate your ID number and the locker number.
  2. We will rent a new locker for you (no additional rental fee).
  3. We will advise you once the new locker information appears in the locker application. 
  4. You will have five days to cancel your locker. To cancel, select the locker and click on Return to proceed.

Important: If you do not empty your locker within five days, all items will be discarded.


No refunds for cancelled/returned lockers will be given two weeks from the rental date.

Steps to cancel a locker rental

  1. On the application's Student Home page, in the box where your locker appears, click Return
  2. Type “RETURN” (all caps) in the box and follow the steps 
  3. Indicate the reason you are returning the locker in the Return Reason text box
  4. Your locker will be removed from the list
  5. You must remove all locker contents immediately once you have returned your locker, otherwise all items will be discarded and lost

There are no refunds.

Payment method

Pay for your locker rental fee by credit card.

514-848-2424, ext. 8777

Hours of operation
Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Room AD.103.08
Monday to Thursday: 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Book an appointment (no walk-ins)

Visit us
Locker Services
Room LB-089
1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, QC  H3G 1M8
J.W. McConnell (LB) Building

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