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Department of Art History



JOHN POTVIN, PhD Queen's University; Professor

Distinguished Professor Emerita

CATHERINE MACKENZIE, PhD University of Toronto


REBECCA DUCLOS, PhD University of Manchester; Professor
CYNTHIA HAMMOND, PhD Concordia University; Professor
KRISTINA HUNEAULT, PhD University of Manchester; Professor
ALICE MING WAI JIM, PhD McGill University; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
ELAINE CHEASLEY PATERSON, PhD Queen's University; Professor
ANNE WHITELAW, PhD Concordia University; Professor

Associate Professors

NICOLA TULLIO PEZOLET, PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Associate Professor
STEVEN STOWELL, PhD University of Oxford; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

MICHELLE S. A. MCGEOUGH, PhD University of New Mexico; Assistant Professor
BALBIR K. SINGH, PhD University of Washington; Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Art Education and Department of Art History

JOANA JOACHIM, PhD McGill University; Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Art History and Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

MAY CHEW, PhD Queen’s University; Assistant Professor

Affiliate Professors

JANICE ANDERSON, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Professor
HEATHER IGLOLIORTE, PhD Carleton University; Affiliate Professor

Affiliate Associate Professor

INDRA MCEWEN, PhD McGill University; Affiliate Associate Professor

Affiliate Assistant Professors

AMBER BERSON, PhD Queen's University; Affiliate Assistant Professor
MARIE-ÈVE MARCHAND, PhD Université de Montréal; Affiliate Assistant Professor


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

Art History provides the student scholar and the student artist with an understanding of creative and visual responses to the world in both the past and the present. Art History is a lively, at times even controversial, discipline that encourages the study of art objects with its historical, cultural, political, social, and economic contexts. The Department of Art History offers a full range of courses which allows the student to concentrate on particular art historical concerns or to investigate diverse issues within the discipline. Students can explore the multidisciplinary aspects of art history for graduate study and for future careers in a variety of fields including museums, galleries and libraries, conservation, education, journalism, and research. The Department of Art History offers major and minor programs, providing students with a solid foundation in the critical inquiries involved in a full understanding of the work of art and its context. Also available are the Major in Art History and Studio Art that balances studio work with art historical and theoretical studies, and the Major in Art History and Film Studies which examines art and film from related perspectives.

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