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Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering



SAMUEL LI, PhD Norwegian Institute of Technology; APEG (B.C.); Professor

Associate Chair

FUZHAN NASIRI, PhD University of Regina; APEGS; Associate Professor


ANDREAS K. ATHIENITIS, PhD University of Waterloo; ing.; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
ASHUTOSH BAGCHI, PhD Carleton University; PEng; Professor
PO-HAN CHEN, PhD Purdue University; Professor
ZHI CHEN, PhD University of Regina; APEGS; Professor
URSULA EICKER, PhD Heriot Watt University; Professor
MARIA ELEKTOROWICZ, PhD Warsaw Technical University; ing.; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
KHALED GALAL, PhD McMaster University; PEng; Professor
HUA GE, PhD Concordia University; PEng; Professor
FARIBORZ HAGHIGHAT, PhD University of Waterloo; PEng; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
ADEL M. HANNA, PhD Technical University of Nova Scotia; ing.; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
OSAMA MOSELHI, PhD Concordia University; ing.; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
CATHERINE MULLIGAN, PhD McGill University; ing.; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
THEODORE STATHOPOULOS, PhD University of Western Ontario; ing.; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
LIANGZHU WANG, PhD Purdue University; PEng; Professor
MOHAMMED ZAHEERUDDIN, PhD University of Alberta; PEng; Professor
RADU G. ZMEUREANU, PhD Concordia University; ing.; Professor

Distinguished Professors Emeriti

RICHARD W. GUY, PhD University of Liverpool
OSCAR A. PEKAU, PhD University of Waterloo; Provost’s Distinction
AMRUTHUR S. RAMAMURTHY, PhD Purdue University; Provost’s Distinction

Professors Emeriti

HASHEM AKBARI, PhD University of California, Berkeley
SABAH TOMA ALKASS, PhD Loughborough University; PEng; Provost’s Distinction
BALA ASHTAKALA, PhD University of Waterloo
KINH H. HA, DEng Sir George Williams University; ing.
MICHELLE NOKKEN, PhD University of Toronto; PEng; Provost’s Distinction

Associate Professors

CIPRIAN ALECSANDRU, PhD Louisiana State University; PEng; Associate Professor
LUIS AMADOR, PhD University of New Brunswick; PEng; Associate Professor
CHUNJIANG AN, PhD University of Regina; APEGS; Associate Professor
ANJAN BHOWMICK, PhD University of Alberta; APPEGA; Associate Professor
CAROLINE HACHEM-VERMETTE, PhD Concordia University; Associate Professor
SANG HYEOK HAN, PhD University of Alberta; APEGA; Associate Professor
BRUNO LEE, PhD Eindhoven University of Technology; PEng; Associate Professor
JOONHEE LEE, PhD University of Nebraska; PEng; Associate Professor
BIAO LI, PhD University of Calgary; Associate Professor
LAN LIN, PhD University of Ottawa; Associate Professor
ALI NAZEMI, PhD University of Birmingham; APEGS; Associate Professor
MAZDAK NIK‑BAKHT, PhD University of Toronto; PEng; Associate Professor
AHMED SOLIMAN, PhD Western University; PEng; Associate Professor
LUCIA TIRCA, PhD Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest; ing.; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

REBECCA DZIEDZIC, PhD University of Toronto; Assistant Professor
EMRE ERKMEN, PhD University of Ottawa; PEng; Assistant Professor
GHAZANFARAH (FARAH) HAFEEZ, PhD University of Ottawa; Assistant Professor
JAE-HOON HWANG, PhD Yonsei University; Assistant Professor
YUNPING LIANG, PhD Georgia Institute of Technology; Assistant Professor
JONG WON MA, PhD University of Texas; Assistant Professor
MOHAMED OUF, PhD University of Manitoba; PEng; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturers

JASSIM HASSAN, PhD University of Calgary; PEng; Senior Lecturer
SHAHIN KARIMIDORABATI, PhD University of Waterloo; PEng; Senior Lecturer

Affiliate Professors

MICHAEL LACASSE, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Professor
KENNETH LEE, PhD University of Toronto; Affiliate Professor
CARMEN MIHAELA NECULITA, PhD Polytechnique Montréal; Affiliate Professor
WILLIAM O'BRIEN, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Professor

Affiliate Associate Professors

JOSE AUGUSTIN CANDANEDO, PhD McGill University; Affiliate Associate Professor
ZEYU YANG, PhD Guang Institute of Geosciences, China; Affiliate Associate Professor
LALEH YERUSHALMI, PhD McGill University; Affiliate Associate Professor

Affiliate Assistant Professors

ANNAMARIA BUONOMANO, PhD University of Palermo, Italy; Affiliate Assistant Professor
ABHIISHEK GAUR, PhD Western University; Affiliate Assistant Professor
FERESHTEH MAFAKHERI, PhD HEC Montréal; Affiliate Assistant Professor
RAJINIKANTH RAJAGOPAL, PhD Indian Institute of Technology; Affiliate Assistant Professor


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.


Building Engineering

Building Engineering, as a discipline, encompasses the body of knowledge which pertains to all phases in the life‑cycle of a constructed facility, namely conception, planning, design, construction, operation, and disposal.

Concordia has a unique undergraduate program leading to a BEng in Building Engineering designed to meet the needs of the construction industry for engineers familiar with the overall design of built facilities.

In addition to the basic engineering sciences, the program emphasizes the fundamentals of building materials, structural analysis and design, building services (acoustical, heating, lighting, air conditioning), economics, and project management. The student also has available certain electives which will be of use in the design of various phases of a building.

Students who complete all but one of their 200‑ and 300‑level courses with a sufficiently high standing may apply through the Associate Dean, Student Academic Services to enter a combined program leading to the joint award of both a BEng and an MEng degree in Building Engineering. It is expected that those who aspire to leadership roles within the building industry will enter such a combined program. The combined program requires a further 12 months of full‑time study, after which graduates will not only have obtained further grounding in the basics, but will also have specialized in one of four branches: Building Science, Building Environment, Building Structures, Construction Management. For details of the graduate component, refer to the School of Graduate Studies Calendar.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is concerned with the creation of systems of constructed facilities which play an important role in sound economic growth of society. It is also concerned with the development of technologies to combat pollution of air, water, and soil. Civil engineers are responsible for the design of foundations and superstructures of common structures such as buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels, wharves, as well as many unusual structures such as rocket installations, containment vessels for nuclear reactors, supports for radio telescopes, frameworks for aircraft. In addition, they are concerned with the engineering aspects of water resources; transportation facilities; planning metropolitan areas, and conducting and managing their public facilities. In dealing with environmental problems, civil engineers perform vital functions such as monitoring and controlling air, water, and soil quality, assessing the impact of technological changes on the environment, and developing innovative waste reduction technologies.

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