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Section 71.40.2 Course Requirements (BEng in Industrial Engineering)

Degree Requirements

The program in Industrial Engineering consists of the Engineering Core, the Industrial Engineering Core, and elective credits as shown below. The minimum length of the program is 120 credits.

BEng in Industrial Engineering (120 credits)

27credits from the  Engineering Core   
81credits from the  Industrial Engineering Core   
12credits minimum of  Industrial Engineering Electives   

Industrial Engineering Core (81 credits)



ENGR 245 Mechanical Analysis (3.00)
ENGR 251 Thermodynamics I (3.00)
ENGR 311 Transform Calculus and Partial Differential Equations (3.00)
INDU 211 Introduction to Production and Manufacturing Systems (3.00)
INDU 311 Simulation of Industrial Systems (3.50)
INDU 320 Production Engineering (3.00)
INDU 321 Lean Manufacturing (3.00)
INDU 323 Operations Research I (3.50)
INDU 324 Operations Research II (3.50)
INDU 330 Engineering Management (3.00)
INDU 342 Logistics Network Models (3.00)
INDU 371 Stochastic Models in Industrial Engineering (3.00)
INDU 372 Quality Control and Reliability (3.00)
INDU 411 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3.50)
INDU 412 Human Factors Engineering (3.50)
INDU 421 Facilities Design and Material Handling Systems (3.50)
INDU 423 Inventory Control (3.50)
INDU 490 Capstone Industrial Engineering Design Project (6.00)
MIAE 211 Mechanical Engineering Drawing (3.50)
MIAE 215 Programming for Mechanical and Industrial Engineers (3.50)
MIAE 221 Materials Science (3.00)
MIAE 311 Manufacturing Processes (3.00)
MIAE 312 Engineering Design and Manufacturing Processes Lab (1.00)
MIAE 313 Machine Drawing and Design (3.50)
MIAE 380 Product Design and Development (3.00)

Note: Students may replace INDU 490 with ENGR 490 if they are interested in a multidisciplinary project that requires collaboration with students from other engineering departments. In order for students to register in ENGR 490, their projects must be approved by the ENGR 490 Design Committee before the start of the fall term.

Industrial Engineering Electives (12 credits)


credits minimum chosen from at least three INDU Courses

Students may take no more than one course from the Other Industrial Engineering Elective Courses list.

INDU Courses

Students must take at least three courses from the following list:

INDU 410 Safety Engineering (3.00)
INDU 424 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning (3.00)
INDU 431 Quantitative Methods in Health‑care Systems (3.00)
INDU 441 Introduction to Six Sigma (3.00)
INDU 466 Decision Models in Service Sector (3.00)
INDU 475 Advanced Concepts in Quality Improvement (3.00)
INDU 480 Cases in Industrial Engineering (3.00)
INDU 498 Topics in Industrial Engineering (3.00)

Other Industrial Engineering Elective Courses

Students may take no more than one course from the following list:

BSTA 478 Data Mining Techniques (3.00)
BTM 480 Project Management (3.00)
ENGR 411 Special Technical Report (1.00)
ENGR 412 Honours Research Project (3.00)
MANA 300 Entrepreneurship: Launching Your Business (3.00)

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