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International Students Office


Sir George Williams Campus

International Students Office

The International Students Office is responsible for providing special programs and services to International students. Services include:

  • Legal advice and information related to the application for and renewal of a student's temporary status in Canada, i.e. CAQ/CSQ, Study Permit, Co-op Work Permit, Post-Graduate Work Permit, and temporary status applications for their dependents
  • Legal information on immigration employment regulations, i.e. on campus, off campus, post-graduation, and co-op employment
  • Social programming to improve the quality of experience on campus and while living in Montreal
  • Orientations, information sessions and workshops on immigration matters, cultural adaptation, and health and wellness
  • Advising and support in the area of cultural adaptation and integration
  • The ISO Email Bulletin

The Office also oversees the Health Insurance Plan for International Students.

Immigration documents and/or passport are required by the Quebec and Canadian governments for each International student studying at Concordia. As such, it is imperative that International students submit these documents as soon as possible upon their arrival and before the DNE deadline of each term (see Section 19.2 Procedures and Immigration Documentation Required for the University for further details). Failure to maintain valid immigration documents for the duration of each term of enrolment will result in de-registration.

Documents must be uploaded directly by the student via the Student Hub, or, if unable to upload, can be submitted either to the International Students Office or the Birks Student Service Centre.

Visit the International Students Office for information regarding the immigration document requirements as well as the application or renewal process. See

For details on documentation requirements, health insurance, and other important information, see Section 19 International Students.

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