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How to meet with your ISO advisor

Each international student has been assigned their very own ISO advisor. Your ISO advisor will assist you with all ISO-related matters from getting settled to understanding your health insurance plan to applying for or renewing your study-related immigration documents.

Who's your advisor? If your Concordia University student ID#:

  • ends with 0 or 1, your advisor is Anna Nigoghosian
  • ends with 2 or 3, your advisor is Brenda Brisson
  • ends with 4 or 5, your advisor is Daniel Giglio
  • ends with 6 or 7, your advisor is Farooq Shaikh
  • ends with 8 or 9, your advisor is Tatiana Gomez

For example, if your Concordia University student ID# is 87654321, then your advisor is Anna; if your Concordia University ID# is 12345678, your advisor is Tatiana Gomez; and so on.

You can meet with your ISO advisor: 

  • In-person drop-ins (GM 330) 
  • Virtual drop-in sessions (via Zoom) 
  • Online appointment (via Teams) 

Select your ISO advisor below to find out their availability.

If you are a prospective student and do not have a Concordia University student ID#, please feel free to join any Virtual drop-in session since you have not yet been assigned an ISO advisor.

ISO operating hours

The ISO is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm

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