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Our Team

Concordia International is a cross-functional team of professionals dedicated to providing students, faculty and partners with international opportunities to enhance their studies, research and work through innovative global experiences.   

William Cheaib


Téo L. Blackburn

On Leave

Hawa Keita

Lead, Concordia Africa Initiative
For questions about the Africa Initiative
Julio Sevilla

Julio Sevilla

For questions about international research opportunities

Badri Murali

For questions about international research opportunities

Joaquin Navas

Contact Joaquin
Christine Archer

Christine Archer

For questions about exchange program & partnerships
Pauliina Rouleau

Pauliina Rouleau

For questions about exchange program & partnerships
Maral Abajian

Maral Abajian

For questions about short-term mobility programs

Caroline Eastwood

Coordinator, Mobility Programs
Contact Caroline
Bertille Tayoung

Sabine Xia

Contact Sabine

Our mandate

  • To implement and monitor all aspects of international academic cooperation.
  • To develop and advocate new institutional initiatives in collaboration with faculties and scholars to make international education an integral part of undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • To manage and expand international programs such as student exchanges, international internships, study abroad, short-term international programs and other international initiatives.
  • To provide every interested Concordia student with the opportunity to gain an international experience.
  • To cooperate with corresponding offices in other universities, international delegations and relevant national and international organizations.
  • To promote Concordia’s international reputation.

Contact us

Concordia International
(514) 848-2424, ext. 4986

Fax: 514-848-2888

Location & hours

Sir George Williams Campus
Annex X (see map)
2080 Mackay St.

Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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