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Québec–Wallonie-Bruxelles Bilateral Cooperation


Québec–Wallonie-Bruxelles Bilateral Cooperation

Deadline March 4th, 2019 (internal deadline, February 25th, 2019) 
Value The maximum value is C $ 5,000 per year and 50% of the total project budget.
Priority areas
  • aerospace, aeronautical;
  • logistics;
  • science of materials;
  • life sciences;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • industry 4.0.
  • For the culture sector:
  • French song;
  • scenic arts;
  • cinema;
  • museology and heritage (including intangible heritage);
  • literature, including comics and storytelling;
  • digital arts and digital projects aimed at sharing expertise on the use of new digital technologies in the creation, dissemination and preservation of cultural content
  • For the education:
  • integration of students with special needs;
  • school success;
  • cooperation in higher education;
  • aging population;
  • health and prevention;
  • services for vulnerable groups;
  • prevention of radicalization;
  • trade in vocational training;
  • socioprofessional insertion
Duration The request for financial support must not exceed two years.



• Promoting Quebec among the Walloon society in its various dimensions, including culture, science and economy;
• Promoting and consolidating cultural diversity;
• Promoting expertise aimed at consolidating cultural diversity
• Developing the professional experience of young people;
• Supporting projects which contribute to the development of the Quebecois society and the employment.

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