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Québec-Conseil nordique des ministers


Québec-Conseil nordique des ministers 

Deadline December 17th, 2018


Nordic countries

Value The annual support provided by the Government of Quebec and the Nordic Council of Ministers for a project can not exceed $ 10,000 CDN. In total, the Government of Quebec and the Nordic Council of Ministers will allocate respectively a budget of CA $ 55,000 and DKK 300,000 for the entire cooperation program.


2 year

Priority areas Research, innovation, society and culture.


The fields of research, innovation, society and culture will be privileged, as well as projects including participants between 25 and 35 years old. The purpose of this call is to enable concrete collaboration:

Objectives include:

  • promoting sustainable development taking into account cultural, social, economic, environmental and territorial factors;
  • encouraging exchanges between the parties by reinforcing their cultural presence;
  • promoting the creation and joint presentation of works of art and cultural products, including programs for the exchange of artists, directors and authors, the holding of major events and the conclusion of partnerships between cultural institutions ;
  • fostering a better mutual understanding through the consolidation of networks and the exchange of expertise;
  • promoting collaboration between researchers in areas of interest targeted on both sides

Priority areas include:

  • research, 
  • innovation, 
  • society 
  • culture.

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Québec-Conseil nordique des ministers

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