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MESI PSO-International


MESI PSO-International 

Deadline January 11th, 2019 (internal deadline: December 19th, 2018)





Funding Level

Province of Quebec


Universities in partnership with industry

Amount of Funding

Three categories of projects will be funded:

1.Bilateral projects (between Quebec and one other country or another Canadian province; up to $150,000 for 3 years)

2.Multilateral projects (between Quebec and at least 2 countries or Canadian provinces; up to $250,000 for 3 years)

3.Large-scale projects (up to $1.5 Million over 3 years; projects admissible to the Horizon 2020 research funding program)

Priority areas


2.Biotechnologies and bio-food;

3.Renewable energy, transport electrification and clean technologies;

4. Advanced materials and aluminum;

5. Life sciences, medical technologies and personalized health care;

6.Information and communication technologies and creative industries;

7.Themes relating to the North Plan;

8.Themes relating to the Quebec Maritime Strategy.

*Note: A contribution from partners is required. MESI fund 50% of the cost for Quebec participants. 


Americas: Brazil, Canada (other provinces), USA, Mexico

Asia : China, South Korea, India, Japan, Singapore.

Europe : France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, UK, Scandinavian countries, Switzerland.

Meddle East: Israel

Partner regions: Bavaria (Germany), Western Cape (South Africa), Georgia (USA), Upper Austria (Austria), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Shandong (China).


PSO-International is aimed at supporting the development of international research and innovation projects between academic and industrial actors, as well as to increasing research and innovation partnerships by supporting strategic international initiatives. Projects must include participation from a Quebec company and a Quebec researcher.

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