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Bilateral Cooperation Quebec-Israel


Bilateral Cooperation Quebec-Israel

Deadline January 7th, 2019 (internal deadline: January 4th)
Value Selected project will not exceed CA $ 9,000 per year.


Projects can be spread out over one or two years

Priority areas
  • agri-food;
  • aerospace and automotive;
  • green economy, clean technologies and sustainable development;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • life sciences and medical technologies, new materials, including nanotechnologies and neuroscience;
  • transport and sustainable mobility;
  • marine technologies;
  • ICT and digital technologies.


Objectives include:

  • strengthen institutional exchanges between Quebec and Israel by supporting the implementation of structuring activities that could have direct spillover effects in areas of mutual interest;
  • encourage the sharing of expertise and the development of sustainable partnerships;
  • promote outcomes and outreach;
  • to promote better understanding of the two societies, their similarities, their specificities and their development, by taking into account cultural, social, economic and territorial factors;
  • increase the international mobility of workers, youth, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists and students.
  • promoting sustainable development taking into account cultural, social, economic, environmental and territorial factors;

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Bilateral Cooperation Quebec-Israel

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