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Think you have the BIG and HAIRY idea that will inspire Concordians? Pitch your idea!

Nov 10
Deadline to submit applications
Up to $45K
Available for an approved project  
Of project expenses may be funded  
Get Hairy  
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2015-2016 competition winning projects

cuccr logo


CUCCR is a Concordia wide initiative that collects and diverts usable materials from the university waste-stream, making them available to the Concordia Community for free.

CUCCR has grown significantly with over 2700 members, saving over $230,000 while diverting 30 metric tonnes of free materials from Concordia’s waste stream. They helped develop the Zero Waste Plan and program and have been integrated into facilities management for waste diversion. 

Approved funding: $45,000

waste not want not logo

Waste Not, Want Not mission is to help the community compost, sort and decrease waste at Concordia University. Since 2016, the Concordia community doubled annual composting, halved contamination in compost bins, and each Concordian reduced overall waste by 16%, the equivalent of two months worth of garbage. Their model is to couple top-down infrastructure improvement with credible grass-roots broad-impact education. They believe that when they help people take the first small step of sorting their waste, they will take the bigger steps of reducing their waste on their own.

Approved funding: $35,000

Centre for Gender Advocacy logo


The Genders, Sexualities and Learning Diversity Audit is a voluntary based project that audits course curriculum and sllabus, policies and forms, to highlight areas of improvement and best practicies around gender, sexuality and learning diversity inclusiveness.

Approved funding: $42,056

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