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Locker rentals made easy!

Select Rent a Locker below.

Select Lockers to Rent, Renew, View or Modify your existing locker data.

Lockers are available for rent in buildings across both campuses.
Its real simple to rent a locker online - and you can select the location by campus, building, and floor.

Rent a Locker
You can rent a new locker as of September 1 for the Sept 1 – July 31 term

Renew a Locker
You can renew your existing locker rental for the next term at any time prior to the July 31 end date
Renewing your locker allows you to retain your locker in August (for free) throughout the next rental term

Locker Content
Locker contents which remain in the lockers past the rental expiration date (July 31) are immediately discarded (unless the locker was renewed).

Combination Locks
Combination locks are provided by the University for all lockers. You cannot use/place a personal lock on the lockers.

Locker Cancellation

No refunds are given for cancelled/returned lockers.

Rental Payment method
Credit Card Payment(s) only.


Faculty and staff wishing to rent a locker for their business activities are welcome to contact us at to make all necessary arrangements.

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