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List of key people and units

CFO: Denis Cossette
Administrative Coordinator: Bobbie-Lise Casey

Financial Services comprises eight administrative units.

Ensures all invoices, reimbursements and all other payments are accurately and timely processed and compliant with university, government and regulatory policies and procedures.

Manager, Accounts Payable: Genevieve Desrosiers
Supervisor, Accounts Payable:
Mai Nguyen

Assists the university's managers with planning, implementing and maintaining realistic operating budgets with available resources. Provides timely, relevant and accurate budget information to the community, and holds managers accountable for their budgets.

Senior Director, Financial Planning & Budgets: Jean-François Hamel

Defines and develops business processes that streamline all administrative functions within Financial Services.  Adopts strategies and technology that promote effective and efficient business practices.

Manager, Data Management, Services and Process: Deborah Wiedow

Maintains accurate, complete and timely financial information about the university's operating funds, and provides reliable reports and records to internal and external governing bodies.

Director, Accounting Services: Genevieve Desrosiers
Manager, Financial Reporting:
Mai Nguyen

The Office of the Treasurer is responsible for Concordia’s financial oversight and management. The Office ensures the university’s financial health by managing assets and liabilities and offering sound corporate advice.  Read more

University Treasurer: Marc Gauthier

Acquires goods and services for the university community, ensuring they meet the price, quality, availability and performance standards Concordia expects from its suppliers. Read more

Director, Procurement Services: Caroline Bogner

Manages and controls special funds on behalf of external parties, such as government agencies, private industry, donors and internal contributors, and defines the protocols to move those funds to university researchers, financial managers and administrators. Read more

Associate Director, Research & Restricted Financial Management: Umar Khan
Manager, Research & Restricted Financial Management:
Rosa Verdecampo

The Student Accounts Office (SAO) is part of the Financial Services department. The office manages the billing and collection of tuition and other fees and provides support to students concerning their balances owing to the university.

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