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Field schools: As field schools are credited Concordia courses, they are subject to the same grading norms as any other course. Students will complete assignments and tests, as outlined in the course syllabus. These will be graded by the faculty-lead and a final letter grade will be submitted for each registered student. The final grade for the course will count towards your GPA. 

Partner summer schools abroad: Summer school courses are organized and offered by partner institutions. Students who participate in summer schools must ensure they get a final letter or percentage grade at the end of the course (e.g., an A, B+, C- or an 80%, 69%, etc. grade) to receive credit at Concordia for the courses they take. Pass/fail grades are not accepted for credit.

You will be subject to the assessment and grading rules and regulations of the partner institution. You must receive a passing grade as per the grading system of the partner institution in order to get credit. At the end of your course(s), a final transcript will be issued and sent to Concordia. Once your final transcript is received, a transfer credit will be processed, and the pre-determined Concordia credits for the course(s) you’ve taken will be added to your student record. This can take up to two months from the end of the course.

While you must receive a passing mark(s) as per the grading system of the partner institution to get credit, the final grade(s) you receive will not count towards your Concordia GPA.

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