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Financial Services

Vision, Values & Purpose

Since October 2015 Financial Services has been engaging in a wide variety of structured dialogue to help shape our future. We completed a Needs Assessment investigating the technical and functional requirements of Financial Services, and in the last months we have engaged our staff and key partners in the Concordia community in a collaborative Strategic Visioning initiative. Aligned with Phase II of Concordia's Strategic Directions, this process has generated several outcomes including: updating our department's purpose, establishing a vision and set of values we aspire towards, and concrete, aligned, unit-relevant action plans.


We will be recognized by the Concordia community as a proactive, dynamic advisor and a pillar of financial solutions and integrity. We will foster a culture of pride, effective team work, and exemplary service.

We commit to these values:

Teamwork Interactive communication
Empowering individuals
Excellence Quality customer service
Going above and beyond
Boldly innovating
Accountability Transparency
Professionalism Dedicated collaboration
Efficient transfer of knowledge
Technical expertise
Taking Pride Celebrating individual, team, university, and community accomplishments

Financial Services provides financial knowledge and solutions to facilitate informed decision making. We develop and execute strategies to identify new opportunities, find savings, and allow our clients to focus on their core work.

We are stewards of Concordia University's financial health and integrity. As such, we have a responsibility to ensure best practices and transparency through dedicated service, and proactive communication of accurate financial information.

We are committed to compliance in reporting and other fiscal controls. This is in service of protecting Concordia University within the financial and governmental obligations we face as an academic institution.

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